Third Term Examination Basic Science JSS 3 (Basic 9) – Mock Exam Questions








Answer all questions. 

1 The union of male and female sex cells is called ____________.

(a) gamete

(b) zygote

(c) cell

(d) embryo


1. ____________ is a part of the mammalian eye where image is formed.

(a) Retina

(b) Optic nerve

(c) Pupil

(d) Ciliaya muscle


2. The chemical symbol for potassium is ____________.

(a) K

(b) Na

(c) H

(d) P


3. All are separation techniques except ____________.

(a) evaporation

(b) sublimation

(c) centrifuge

(d) titration


4. The solar system comprises of ____________.

(a) Sun, planets

(b) sun, metalloid

(c) stars, moon

(d) sun, earth


5. ____________ is the power house of a cell.

(a) Mitochondrion

(b) Nucleus

(c) Chloroplast

(d) Ribosome


6. Which of the following animals is a mammal?

(a) Fish



(b) Whale

(c) Bird

(d) Lizard


7. The unit of energy is called ____________.

(a) Newton

(b) Joule

(c) Watt

(d) Ohms


8. The end product of carbohydrate digestion is ____________.

(a) glucose

(b) maltose

(c) fatty acid and glycerol

(d) Amino acid


9. Which of these is an example of water borne diseases?

(a) Small pox

(b) Chicken pox

(c) Typhoid fever

(d) measles


10. The atomic number of Boron is ____________.

(a) 3

(b) 4

(c) 5

(d) 6


11. All are elements of weather except ____________.

(a) temperature



(b) rainfall

(c) humidity

(d) wave


12. Load stone magnet is ____________ magnet.

(a) impure

(b) natural occurring

(c) fire

(d) temporary


13. Which of the following is a second class lever?

(a) Scissors

(b) Pliers

(c) Crowbar

(d) Bottle opener


14. The temperature at which liquid turns to solid is called ____________ point.

(a) cooling

(b) freezing

(c) boiling

(d) melting


15. The carriers of micro organisms that cause diseases are called ____________.

(a) antibodies

(b) germs

(c) vectors

(d) carrier


16. Astronauts in space have one major problem which is ____________.

(a) weather

(b) heaviness

(c) communication

(d) weightlessness


17. The followings are major types of resources from plants except ____________.

(a) food crops

(b) textile materials

(c) wood crops

(d) hide and skin


18. ____________ is a method of heat transfer.

(a) Evaporation



(b) Conduction

(c) Insulation

(d) Distillation


19. The symbol of resistor is ____________.


20. How much work is done when a force of 200N is applied by car over a distance of 6m?

(a) 1200N

(b) 1200j

(c) 1200m/s2

(d) 1200N/M


21. A sound heard after the reflection of the sound wave is called ____________.

(a) echo

(b) pitch

(c) noise

(d) music


22. These are fossil fuels except ____________.

(a) cooking gas

(b) candle wax

(c) bitumen

(d) kerosene


23. ____________ is not a water pollutant.

(a) CO2

(b) oil

(c) sewage

(d) gammaline


24. Another name for red blood cell is ____________.

(a) erythrocyte

(b) leucocyte

(c) thromcyte

(d) luccocyte


25. Chlorination can be defined as the addition of ____________ to eater to kill germs.

(a) Alum



(b) Cl

(c) Mg

(d) Iron


26. The energy conversion that takes place when you rub a palm together is ____________ energy.

(a) mechanical/sound

(b) mechanical/chemical

(c) heat to sound

(d) mechanical/heat


27. The radiation used to examine soft body tissue is ____________ ray.

(a) ᵝ

(b) ᵧ

(c) ᵪ



28. The soil type mostly rich in nutrients is ____________.

(a) clay

(b) gravel

(c) loamy

(d) sandy


29. Style, stigma and ovary of a flower are referred to as ____________.

(a) carpel

(b) stamen

(c) petal

(d) sepal


30. The tiny membrane which covers the vaginal opening is called ____________.

(a) velva

(b) hymen

(c) mon pubic

(d) clitoris


31. The pigment which gives plants the green colour is ____________.

(a) chrolophyll



(b) chloroplast

(c) chloroform

(d) chromoplast


32. These are field forces except ____________ force.

(a) electric

(b) frictional

(c) gravitational

(d) magnetic


33. The bones-like structure found in the middle ear are called ____________.

(a) blades

(b) ear bone

(c) ossicle

(d) pinna


34. A pregnant woman will develop goitre if she lacks ____________ in her diet.

(a) calcium

(b) iron

(c) phosphorous

(d) iodine


35. One major difference between plants and animals is ____________.

(a) movement



(b) excretion

(c) reproduction

(d) respiration


36. The genotype “Tt” shows that ____________.

(a) shortness dominate tallness

(b) tallness is partially recessive

(c) shortness is partially dominant

(d) tallness dominates shortness


37. The parts of the body that are responsible for movement are ____________, ____________ and joint.

(a) bone, muscle



(b) bone, cartilage

(c) cartilage,muscle

(d) skeleton.cartilage


38. The quantity of H2O in the atmosphere is termed ____________.

(a) air pressure

(b) humidity

(c) visibility

(d) rainfall


39. The vector for sleeping sickness is ____________.

(a) housefly

(b) blackfly

(c) tee-tse fly

(d) mosquito


40. All are excretory products except ____________.

(a) sweat

(b) urine

(c) carbon (iv) oxide

(d) faeces


41. Limestone is used to make the following except ____________.

(a) concrete

(b) glass

(c) water pipes

(d) quick lime


42. Pulse taking is a medical procedure in determining proper functioning of the ____________.

(a) heart

(b) kidney

(c) lungs

(d) liver


43. The outer ear is called ____________.

(a) eardrum



(b) auditory meatus

(c) pinna

(d) canal


44. The function of lipase is to digest ____________.

(a) starch

(b) proteins

(c) fats

(d) vitamins


45. Which of the following blood group is a universal donor?

(a) AB

(b) O

(c) A

(d) B


46. ____________ Brown discovered Brownian motion.

(a) Robbin

(b) Rowland

(c) Rugged man

(d) Robert


47. Matters could be in form of atoms, molecules and ____________.

(a) iron

(b) ion

(c) lion

(d) fays


48. Less than ____________ % of all the earth’s water is available as fresh water.

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4


49. Dry air contains ____________ % of nitrogen.

(a) 21



(b) 78

(c) 7.8

(d) 2.1



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