Third Term Examination Basic Technology JSS 8 (Basic 2) – Exam Questions





JSS 2 (BASIC 8) 




Answer all questions. 


1. A ten –sided polygon is known as ____________.

(a) decagon

(b) nonagon

(c) octagon

(d) pentagon


2. Which of the following is not a product of rubber?

(a) Tyre

(b) Tube

(c) Glove

(d) Chair


3. ____________ is the force which opposes motion.

(a) Gravity

(b) Magnetism

(c) Friction

(d) Work


4. All are made of ceramics except ____________.

(a) mug



(b) plate

(c) tiles

(d) button


5. ½bh is the area of ____________.

(a) circle

(b) triangle

(c) rectangle

(d) circle


6. Hydraulic machines make use of ____________ as fluid power.

(a) solid

(b) liquid

(c) gas

(d) air


7. B in the ABC of first aid means ____________.

(a) breadth

(b) breathing

(c) bread

(d) breaking


8. One of the following is not a type of belt and pulleys.

(a) Flat belt and pulleys

(b) Variable belts and pulleys

(c) V-belts and pulleys

(d) T – belts and pulleys


9. ____________ operation can be defined as activities that involve the saving of lives.

(a) Surgical



(b) Rescue

(c) Machine

(d) Manual


10. All are hydraulic machines except ____________.

(a) force pump

(b) centrifugal pump

(c) vacuum pump

(d) hydraulic jack


11. The gear that drives the other gears is called ____________.

(a) driving gear

(b) driven gear

(c) drove gear

(d) drive gear


12. ____________ is not a type of forging.

(a) Cold forging

(b) Warm forging

(c) Hot forging

(d) Luke – warm forging


13. All are types of drive mechanisms except ____________.

(a) ropes

(b) belts

(c) chairs

(d) gears


14. ____________ is used for making jewelry and metals.

(a) Copper



(b) Tin

(c) Gold

(d) Aluminum


15. ____________ represents number of teeth on gear A.

(a) NA

(b) NB

(c) AN

(d) AB


16. All of the following are advantages of using chain drives except ____________.

(a) high efficiency

(b) small tension

(c) no slippage

(d) quiet operation


17. A device that can be used for wetting plants in a garden by spraying water into the air is known as ____________.

(a) sprinkler

(b) pump

(c) driver

(d) compressor


18. All are major types of gears except ____________.

(a) internal

(b) external

(c) rack and pinion

(d) straight


19. ____________ is a type of mechanism used in bicycles.

(a) Chain



(b) Belt

(c) Gear

(d) Rope


20. Lubrication in gears help to reduce ____________.

(a) force

(b) friction

(c) gravity

(d) magnetism


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Answer all questions. 



In not less than six lines, explain site preparation and setting out for building construction.



A. Define drive mechanism.

B. List any two types of building services.



Write out two advantages and a disadvantage of belt and chain drive each.



A. The gear A has 100 teeth while gear B has 25 teeth, calculate the gear ration.



B. Write two uses of pneumatic machines.



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