Third Term Examination Business Studies JSS 3 (Basic 9)Mock Exam Questions





1. For spacing while typing, tap the space bar with the ______.

(a) elbow

(b) right thumb

(c) palm

(d) index


2. A cheque book is associated with ______.

(a) foreign bank

(b) current account

(c) saving account

(d) bank statement


3. The calculation and payment of workers salary in the responsibility of ______ department.

(a) Account

(b) Sales

(c) Production

(d) Personnel


4. The terminology e-mail as an internet service means ______.

(a) electronic mail

(b) encoded mail

(c) expedited mail

(d) enlarged mail


5. Which one of the following consonant is written as a sight down stroke?

(a) N

(b) T

(c) F

(d) S


6. The room where typewriters are kept and used is called ______.

(a) Typing Pool

(b) Typing Studio

(c) Typing Office

(d) Typing House


7. A document that is written out by the seller whenever the buyer has been undercharged is called ______.

(a) credit note

(b) return Inward

(c) Invoice

(d) debit Note


8. An evidence of payment is called ______.

(a) money spent

(b) teller

(c) receipt

(d) pay slip


9. The intercom system is used for making ______-

(a) internal call

(b) international call

(c) national call

(d) local call


10. ______ is an open event where organization display and sell their products at a reduced price

(a) Window Display

(b) Exhibitions

(c) Cinemas

(d) Trade Fair


11. Which of the following is a method of paying wages?

(a) Piece Rate

(b) Profit Sharing

(c) Salaries Are Fixed

(d) Commission Basis


12. The minimum number of people that can form partnership is ______.

(a) one

(b) two

(c) three

(d) four


13. Which office machine is used to hold two or more paper together?

(a) Office Pin

(b) Perforator

(c) Pin

(d) Stapler


14. An instrument of payment drawn by a bank on behalf of his customer is called ______.

(a) cash

(b) cheque

(c) bank draft

(d) money order


15. The act of recording business transactions on monetary term is called ______.

(a) Book keeping

(b) Office practice

(c) Business method

(d) Record keeping


16. A business organization formed by the group of people who have common interest is called ______.

(a) corporate society

(b) sole trader

(c) partnership

(d) one man business


17. The advertising media usually found on strategic point along major roads and city centre is ______.

(a) bill boards

(b) newspaper

(c) radio

(d) journal


18. Which of the following is a fixed asset?

(a) Bill receivable

(b) Motor vehicles

(c) Cash in hand

(d) Stock


19. Which of the following is not an office equipment?

(a) table and chair

(b) television

(c) stapler

(d) typewriters


20. ______ is a provision against financial loss through fire accident, burglary, etc.

(a) Advertising

(b) Warehousing

(c) Banking

(d) Insurance


21. How many of the consonants are in the word “baby”?

(a) One

(b) Two

(c) Three

(d) Four


22. When typing the sound of warning bells indicates ______.


23. Account used to record minor expenses is ______.

(a) journal

(b) ledger

(c) trading, profit and loss account

(d) petty cash book


24. All are types of bank account except ______.

(a) saving account

(b) current account

(c) static account

(d) fixed deposit account


25. Credit notes are usually printed in ______.

(a) red

(b) green

(c) yellow

(d) blue


26. ______ is book of original entry.

(a) Trading account

(b) Journal

(c) Source document

(d) Profit and loss


27. All these except one are advantages of one-man business?

(a) Easy to start

(b) Little capital

(c) Quick decision

(d) legal entity


28. Production sends when the products gets to the ______

(a) Manufacturer

(b) Wholesaler

(c) Consumer

(d) Manager


29. A business with minimum member of two or maximum of twenty is known as ______.

(a) joint stock business

(b) sole proprietorship

(c) limited liability company

(d) partnership


30. Which of this is not a means of payment through the post office?

(a) Stamps

(b) Cheque

(c) Money Order

(d) Telegram Money Order


31. Office of demarcation is known as ______.

(a) close office

(b) open office

(c) enlarged office

(d) co-ordinate office


32. Things bought to be sold are called ______.

(a]) Sales

(b) Goods

(c) Purchase

(d) Material


33. An example of intangible asset is called ______.

(a) building

(b) goodwill

(c) motor vehicle

(d) stock


34. Which of the following is not a current asset?

(a) Creditor

(b) Debtor

(c) Stock

(d) Prepayment


35. The act of passing information from one person to another is known as ______.

(a) Production

(b) Communication

(c) Warehousing

(d) Advertising


36 . Another name for a producer is ______.

(a) ownership

(b) manufacturer

(c) actors

(d) models


37. All are examples of retailer except ______.

(a) consumer

(b) hawker

(c) shop owners

(d) kiosk owners


38. Which of the following is not a modern form of transportation system?

(a) Ferries

(b) Coasters

(c) Aeroplane

(d) Human patronages


39. All these are methods of payment except ______.

(a) Cheques

(b) Cash

(c) Teller

(d) Transfer


40. A place where money and other valuable things are kept is called ______.

(a) Bank

(b) Cornet

(c) Store

(d) Warehouse


41. The type of cashbook, which have both bank and cash column without discounts is called ______.

(a) Columnar cash book

(b) One column cash book

(c) Two column cash book

(d) Petty cash book


42. What is the document issued by the supplier to indicate settlements of debt ?

(a) Bill of exchange

(b) invoice

(c) Receipts

(d) Statement


43. An insurance policy that cover accident at sea is known as ______.

(a) life insurance

(b) burglary insurance

(c) fire insurance

(d) marine insurance


44. Which of the following type is not a typewriter part?

(a) shift key

(b) platen knot

(c) carnage

(d) paper knot


45. Another name for cylinder is ______.

(a) Margin Set

(b) Shift Key

(c) Platen

(d) Shift lock


46. The term profit means ______.

(a) selling price plus turnover

(b) selling price minus cost price

(c) cost price plus selling price

(d) cost price minus selling price


47. The system of filling whereby the first figures are used is ______.

(a) alphabetical

(b) numerical

(c) arithmetical

(d) chronological


48. Which of the following industries takes raw material from the earth?

(a) Distribution

(b) Manufacturing

(c) Extractive

(d) Construction


49. If the expenses of selling and running a business exceed the gross profit, it will result in ______.

(a) net loss

(b) net profit

(c) selling profit

(d) purchasing profit


50. Which department sells goods produced by the organization?

(a) Sales Department

(b) Account Department

(c) Advertising Department

(d) Production Department



INSTRUCTION – Answer Three (3) questions only in this section. 


A. Define advertising.

B. List any six forms of advertising media.

C. State five functions of advertising.



A. What is transportation?

B. List and explain the importance of transportation.

C. Explain briefly the following:

I. Land transportation

II. Air transportation

III. Water transportation



A. What is communication?

B. List and explain any two means of communication.

C. State four importance of communication.


QUESTION 4 – Outline the seven procedures for drawing up a simple single business plan.



A. What is consumer protection agency?

B. List any 8 government organization.


QUESTION 6 – Explain the steps to takes when login a complaints.