Third Term Examination Christian Religious Studies Kindergarten – KG (Age 5) – Exam Questions






Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. We must praise God with all our ___________.

[a] stomach

[b] heart


2. Church is the only place where we can praise God.

[a] True

[b] False


3. God created man, in his own ___________.

[a] anyhow

[b] image


4. Obedience to God brings us ___________.

[a] blessing

[b] hatred


5. As a child of God we must ___________ God.

[a] fight

[b] fear


6. The fear of God is the beginning of ___________.



[a] wisdom

[b] madness


7. Jesus Christ was born in ___________.

[a] church

[b] manger


8. Prayer is a means of communicating with ___________.

[a] God

[b] satan


9. Honesty is ___________.

[a] good

[b] bad


10. In the beginning God created ___________.

[a] yam and egg

[b] heaven and earth


11. Is it good to appreciate God for what he has done?

[a] Yes

[b] No


12. Thanksgiving means been ___________ God for what he has done

[a] fighting



[b] appreciating


13. We should ___________ our neighbor as ourselves.

[a] fight

[b] love


14. ___________ obeyed God.

[a] Abraham

[b] devil


15. Alpha and omega mean?

[a] Now and forever

[b] Beginning and the end



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