Third Term Examination English Language JSS 2 (Basic 8) – Exam Questions









Instruction: Choose from the choices of words below the word that is most suitable to fill the numbered gaps in the passage. 



A one week sports medicine course sponsored by the Nigerian international Olympic committee medical commission ended on Monday at the National stadium in Lagos. The guest of honour, Alhaji Musa Halliru, called on all the participants to disseminate their ______1______ as widely as possible-especially among sports players.

Sixty five participants from many of Nigeria attended the course. Alhaji Halliry said that the lack of a scientific approach to sports had hindered the development of Nigeria’s ______2______ It was therefore very important that the medical workers taking part in the course should pass on what they had learned to athletes and sports players. He also urged them to impact their knowledge about sports medicine to sports administrators.

In addition, he pointed out that the use of simple sports ______3______ should be encouraged in order to improve training. According to the course co ordinator, Dr. E.A. Akinrade, the course covered a number of different ______4______, including sports physiology (muscles, the heart and respiratory system), nutrition an other aspects, including various ______5______ of training an Olympic champion. This training would help athletes to develop strength, endurance and ______6______ Also including in the sports ______7______ (how they are caused and how to manage them) and the use of and abuse of drugs (including their ______8______).



 The participants, who were all awarded IOC medical certificates, included sports instructors, nurses and sports ______9______.

Knowledge methods speed athletes injuries

Side effects equipment subject officials


 Choose the correct answers from the alternatives A – D. 

10. Lagos isn’t a clean city, ____________?

(a) will it

(b) isn’t it

(c) is it

(d) can it


11. The teacher won’t write on the board, ____________?

(a) will he

(b) won’t he

(c) would he

(d) willn’t he


12. You ____________ to submit the assignment tomorrow morning.

(a) were

(b) had

(c) are

(d) am


13. Each window and door ____________ securely locked after every service.

(a) are

(b) were

(c) will

(d) is


14. She ____________ to visit us every weekend.

(a) comes



(b) come

(c) came

(d) went


15. My friend took me for one of those boys who could not spell words as ____________.

(a) ‘demacation and apostlephes’

(b) ‘demarcation and apostrophes’

(c) ‘demacation and apostrophy’

(d) ‘demacation and apostrophies’


16. Destiny and Titi always sing a song, ____________ they?

(a) do

(b) didn’t

(c) don’t

(d) did


17. The boy ____________ died before help reached him.

(a) has

(b) have

(c) was

(d) had


18. They ____________ the teacher to mind his business.

(a) had warned

(b) have warned

(c) will have

(d) shall be warning


19. My elder brother has twenty beautiful ____________ shirts.

(a) new nylon yellow



(b) nylon new yellow

(c) new yellow nylon

(d) nylon yellow new


20. Choose from alternatives, the words which are correctly spelt.

(a) mischiefvous and diarrhae

(b) mischievious and diarrhea

(c) mischeapvous and diarhoea

(d) mischievous and diarrhoea


From the options lettered A-D, choose the word that has the same vowel or consonant sound as the part underlined in each of the given word below:

21. tooth

(a) them

(b) theatre

(c) bathe

(d) dead


22. Yield

(a) Unity

(b) Prank

(c) Once

(d) Apply


23. Oneness

(a) News

(b) Baffle

(c) Quarrel

(d) Home


24. Future

(a) Match



(b) Tension

(c) Put

(d) Butter


25. Thank

(a) Clothe

(b) Nurse

(c) Doubt

(d) Length


 Choose the word that has the right sound in their pronunciation.

26. / /

(a) Smooth

(b) Hiss

(c) Both

(d) Rose


27. / Ѕ /

(a) Mustache

(b) Measure

(c) Ground

(d) Nanny


28. / b /

(a) Devil

(b) Babbling

(c) Success

(d) Physics


29. / ^/

(a) Lawn



(b) Caught

(c) Youth

(d) Onion


30. / /

(a) Look

(b) News

(c) Clasp

(d) Subdue




Instruction – Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow:


Once there was a woman who was greatly troubled by her husband. He had no longer loved her. He neglected her seemed to care little whether she was happy or sad. So the woman took her troubles to the local medicine man. She told him her story, full of pity for herself and her sad plight. ‘Can you give me a charm to make him love me again?’ she asked anxiously. The medicine man looked thoughtful. ‘Does he mistreat you in any way?’ he asked. ‘No,’ said the young woman. ‘He just neglects me’. ‘Have you misbehaved in any way?’ he asked. The woman protested that she was not guilty of any misconduct. The medicine man thought for a moment and finally gave his answer. ‘I will help you, but first you must bring to me three separate hairs from the mane of a living lion. These I must have before I can make a charm for you’.

The woman thanked the medicine man and went away. When she came near to her home she sat down on a rock and began to think. ‘How shall I do this thing?’ surely it is impossible! It is true that there is a lion that often comes near my village, but he is fierce and roars fearfully’. Then she thought again and at last she knew what she had to do. And so, rising early next morning, she took a young lamb and went to the place where the lion was accustomed to stroll around. She waited anxiously . At last she saw the lion approaching. Now was the time . Quickly she arose and leaving the lamb in the path of the lion, she went home. And so it was that everyday, early in the morning, the woman would rise and take a young lamb to the lion. Soon, the lion came to know the woman, for she was always in the same place at the same time everyday with a young and tender lamb which she brought for his pleasure. She was indeed a kind and attentive woman.



 It was not long before the lion began to wag his tail each time he saw her and coming close to her, he would let her stroke his head and soothe his back. And each day the woman would stay quietly stroking the lion, gently and lovingly. Then one day, when she knew that the lion trusted her, she carefully plucked three hairs from his mane and happily set out for the medicine man’s dwelling. ‘See!’ she said triumphantly as she entered. ‘Here you are!’ And she gave him the hairs from the lion’s mane. ‘How is it that you have been so clever?’ asked the medicine man in amazement?

The woman told him the story of how she had patiently succeeded in winning the hairs from the lion. When she had finished, a smile spread over the face of the medicine man and leaning forward, he said: ‘you have tamed the lion. Now tame your husband the same way’.


1. What did the woman want the medicine man to do?


2. What did he tell her to get?


3. Why did the lion allow the woman to pluck hairs from its main?


4. What evidence in the story shows why the woman’s husband neglected her?


5a. Did the medicine man expect the woman to succeed in getting the hair?

5b. Support your answer with evidence from the story.


6. For each of the following words below, find another word that means the same and can replace it as used in the passage.

A. Neglect



B. Anxiously

C. Llight

D. Triumphantly

E. Plucked




1. Change the verbs in brackets to their past tense forms to complete the sentences below.

a. A big dangerous snake ____________ (bite) an old man yesterday.

b. John ____________ (stand) still while the party was going on.

c. Your smile almost ____________ (sweep) me off my feet.

d. My brother ____________ (leave) the door ____________ (open) and the window ____________ (unshut).

e. She ____________ (thinks) I was one of those students who ____________ (smell) a dead rat.


2. Change the following speeches to indirect speeches.

a. The carpenter said, “A table has four legs”.

b. ‘Can you drive a car?’ the man asked.

c. The student said, ‘I had a new exercise book ages ago’.

d. “I will go to Lagos tomorrow”, said John.

e. The poor child said, ‘I want to buy some chocolates’.


3. Give other words that are opposite in meaning to the underlined words below.

a. He was hard-working enough to succeed where others had ____________.



b. I don’t know how Destiny became so outspoken, his parents have always been so ____________.

c. We are enjoying surplus this year, unlike last year when we experienced ____________.

d. The gentleman accepted the offer of a job but ____________ the money.

e. When someone jumps into a Lagoon, he either floats or ____________ in the waters.


4. Re-write the words in brackets in their correct forms of adjectives to complete the sentences below.

a. Mary is not the ____________ (pretty) girl in the class but she is certainly ____________ (pretty) than Janet.

b. In my opinion, John is the ____________ (intelligent) of the two brothers.

c. There were ____________ (few) infant deaths in the town last year.

d. His performance is one of the ____________ (bad) in the department.

e. The food offered to me was the (little) of all given to others.



 In not less than 150 words, choose and write on any one of the followings.

1. Write an essay on The importance of immunization against childhood diseases in your locality.



2. You changed school recently and have been at the new school for six weeks. Write a letter to your uncle explaining why you left your former school and describe at least three things you find more interesting in the new school.



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