Third Term Examination English Studies and Compositions Primary 1 (Basic 1) – Exam Questions








The teacher is beating a gong, The gong goes‘ ding dong! The birds are singing , the bird are singing, the bird say, ‘ tweet, tweet! The boys are playing the drum go boom, boom!

The man is raking the fire, the fire goes woosh, crackle! The dog is barking, the dog says woof ! woof !!. The aeroplane is flying, the aeroplane goes rrrrr!



a. What sound does the gong make?

b. What are the boy’s doing?

c. What makes a crackling sound?

d. What is the dog doing?

e. Name the thing that roars.




Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. l always urinate in the __________.

[a] shop

[b] kitchen

[c] toilet


2. My mummy cooks in the __________.

[a] kitchen

[b] toilet

[c] bathroom


3. Christian goes to church on __________.

[a] Monday



[b] Sunday

[c] Tuesday


4. A snake __________.

[a] moos

[b] swim

[c] hisses


5. You chew food in your __________.

[a] nose

[b] eyes

[c] mouth


6. l can hold things with my __________.

[a] hands

[b] fingers

[c] shoulder


7. __________ is the first day of week.

[a] Monday

[b] Saturday

[c] Sunday


8. What is the last day of the week?

[a] Friday

[b] Saturday

[c] Sunday


9. She __________ to school.

[a] walks



[b] walked

[c] Walking


10. The boys like to play __________.

[a] football

[b] egg ball

[c] book ball


11. __________ are good friend.

[a] Then

[b] Us

[c] They


How are we expected to greet at periods of the day?

12. In the morning.

[a] Welcome

[b] Good morning

[c] Good night


13. In the evening.

[a] Good morning

[b] Goodbye

[c] Good evening


14. The boy has ten __________.

[a] ball



[b] balls

[c] balles


15. She __________ a girl.

[a] his

[b] her

[c] is


16. The school sent __________ home.

[a] us

[b] our

[c] they


17. Greet __________ daddy.

[a] sit

[b] stand

[c] bye


18. Tolu please __________ the floor.

[a] sit

[b] sweep

[c] go


 Re – arrange the following and pick the correct answer.

19. T A C

[a] ACT



[b] CAT

[c] TCA


20. Y A W

[a] WYA

[b] AYW

[c] WAY


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Attempt all the questions. 

1. Complete the following with article ‘a‘ or ‘an‘. 

A. Yesterday, mother bought __________ apple and __________ egg.

B. I have __________ umbrella at home.

C. Princess is __________ good girl.

D. The children are playing near __________ tree.

E. __________ aeroplane flies in the sky.


2. Match the following animals to the sound they make.

A. Dog               mews

B. Lion               bleat



C. Goat              roar

D. Cat                 bark


3. Write out two words each, starting with given letters:

Examples – S = Shoe Sing

  • A = __________ __________
  • C = __________ __________
  • F = __________ __________
  • H = __________ __________
  • B = __________ __________


4. Identification complete these sentences about yourself. 

A. My name is __________.

B. l am __________ years old.

C. l am a __________.



D. l am in basic __________.

E. My best food is __________.


5. Write out days of the week. 

  • __________
  • __________
  • __________
  • __________
  • __________
  • __________
  • __________




Part 1 – Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. There are __________ places in a house.

[a] many

[b] one

[c] ten


2. __________ is one of them.

[a] Church



[b] Kitchen

[c] Den


3. A kitchen is where __________ is prepared and cooked.

[a] bathing

[b] sleeping

[c] food


4. __________ is used in a modern kitchen.

[a] Stove

[b] Firewood

[c] Chalk


5. There are __________ in a kitchen.

[a] biro

[b] television

[c] plates


6. There are also spoons and __________.

[a] irons

[b] cups

[c] mirror


7. __________ are kept in a kitchen.

[a] Foods

[b] Stones

[c] Money


8. A kitchen is a functional __________.

[a] person



[b] bush

[c] room


9. l __________ the kitchen in my father’s house.

[a] like

[b] hate

[c] dislike


10. My __________ cooks in the kitchen.

[a] self

[b] father

[c] mother



Part 2 – Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. A __________ is a flying vehicle.

2. A __________ is a place where goods are sold.



3. Water is a __________ substance.

4. Orange is a __________.

5. A mosquito is a/an __________.



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