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l know many things about time. Mr Eyiaro, my favorite teacher taught me so many things about it. l know that there are sixty seconds in one minute, sixty minutes in one hour and twenty four hours in a day. l know that there are four weeks in a mouth and twelve months in a year.

There are fifty two weeks in a year and three hundred and sixty five days in a year. A leap year has three hundred and sixty six days. l also know that a decade is ten years and a century is a period of one hundred years.



A. What is the name of the writer’s favorite teacher?

B. How many hours are there in a day?

C. What is the meaning of century?

D. How many years did a decade has?

E. There ___________ weeks in a year.




Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. The phone has been ringing ___________ 10’ o clock.

[a] for

[b] since

[c] by


2. Mrs Oni’s pots are the ___________ in all Nigeria.

[a] best

[b] better

[c] more


3. Mr Lamidi ___________ hard in the farm.

[a] working



[b] worked

[c] works


4. The rain was falling ___________ in Aba than Ebonyi.

[a] heaviest

[b] more heavily

[c] most heavily


5. There ___________ waiting for the train.

[a] are

[b] is

[c] am


6. Chidi ___________ writing a letter to his teacher.

[a] were

[b] was

[c] has


7. They ___________ listening to the sound of a drum.

[a] was

[b] were

[c] is


8. Obi was ___________ when mother came into the room.

[a] sleeping

[b] sleep

[c] slept


9. We ___________ collected the hen’s egg.

[a] has



[b] are

[c] have


10. He came ___________ he wanted some money.

[a] while

[b] until

[c] because


11. ___________ the boy going home?

[a] are

[b] were

[c] is


12. Does she do it ? Yes , she ___________ it.

[a] do

[b] does

[c] doesn’t


13. Yakubu is very ___________. His brother is ___________ than him.

[a] noisy

[b] noisier

[c] noisiest


14. Shall we go to the house warming party next week?

[a] No, we shalln’t



[b] Yes, we shalln’t

[c] No, at all


15. We must speak ___________ to our elders.

[a] rudely

[b] politely

[c] arrogantly


16. Taiwo is kind ___________ helpful.

[a] so

[b] and

[c] they


17. She bought ___________ box of chocolate for ___________ dollar.

[a] a, a

[b] a, an

[c] a, the


18. ldris is as ___________ as his father.

[a] fat

[b] fatter

[c] fattest


19 l am afraid of my teacher. She is as fierce as a ___________.

[a] lion



[b] cat

[c] dog


20. l ___________ sitting on the back seat of the car.

[a] am

[b] is

[c] are


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Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. Match the words with their meaning

A. Raise the area around you

B. Environment things grown for food

C. Crops to take or agree to something

D. Accept to breed animals


2. Write the words that have the same pronunciation with these words

A. Hymn ___________



B. Deer ___________

C. Peace ___________

D. Whole ___________


3. Choose an adverb from the boxes to complete each sentence below.

happily, hard, aloud, neatly, today, quickly

A. She likes drawing ___________

B. Uncle Obafemi bakes his cakes and pies ___________

C. Mr Lamidi liked to work ___________ in the garden.

D. He missed the bus ___________

E. She teaches children to read ___________ and write ___________.


4. Complete these sentences. Use have or has

A. The cat ___________ caught a mouse.

B. The mother pig ___________ fed her babies.

C. We ___________ fetched the Goats.

D. The lambs ___________ missed their mothers.

E. l ___________ trained the horses.


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A. Write composition about my first day at school.





B. Write composition



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