Third Term Examination Home Economics JSS 2 (Basic 8) – Exam Questions








Answer all questions. 

1. ______________ are chemical substances in the food we eat.

(a) Food nutrients

(b) Food class

(c) Energy

(d) Food cases


2. We have ______________ solid classes of food.

(a) seven

(b) six

(c) twelve

(d) ten


3. ______________ helps in building new tissues.

(a) Protein

(b) Carbohydrates

(c) Vitamins

(d) Fats and oil


4. Good hygiene helps in protecting our selves from ______________ and ______________.

(a) illness and uncleanliness

(b) ups and downs

(c) sleeping and fatigue

(d) eating and jumping


5. The part of the body where hair grows are called ______________.

(a) public places



(b) private nation

(c) pubic region

(d) public gathering


6. The functional area of the house where food preparation takes place is ______________.

(a) dining

(b) sitting room

(c) bedroom

(d) kitchen


7. Which of these do not belong to the group?

(a) Spoon

(b) Plate

(c) Bed

(d) Cooker


8. We have ______________ types of kitchen.

(a) ten

(b) three

(c) four

(d) two


9. Side cupboard is a piece of furniture commonly found in the ______________.

(a) passage

(b) toilet

(c) sitting room

(d) kitchen


10. The process of buying food in large quantities is called ______________.

(a) hire purchasing

(b) wise purchasing

(c) bulk purchasing

(d) good purchasing


11. Foods that can easily get spoilt are said to be ______________.

(a) non-perishable



(b) perishable

(c) bad

(d) hard


12. Which of the following food is perishable?

(a) Rice

(b) Beans

(c) Maize

(d) None of the above


13. ______________ can destroy maize or beans in storage.

(a) Cold

(b) Heat

(c) Weevils

(d) Sun


14. Seam finishes prevent the raw edge from ______________.

(a) wearing

(b) tearing

(c) fraying

(d) sagging


15. A line of stitching that joins two or more pieces of edge together is ______________.

(a) edge

(b) seam

(c) stitches

(d) edges


16. ______________ can be prevented by storing food stuff under good conditions.


17. Raw meats are stored in the ______________.


18. The process of keeping food is ______________.


19. ______________ and ______________ are types of kitchen.


20. ______________ Is usually made by folding the edge of a garment to the wrong side twice and sewing it up.


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Answer all questions.


A. Define food.

B. In a tabular form, list three classes of food, its functions, sources and deficiency diseases.



A. What is good hygiene?

B. Mention five good hygiene preparations.



A. With comprehensive points, define the term ‘kitchen’.

B. List five common kitchen equipment.

C. How can we care for our kitchen? List two points.



A. What is food preservation and food storage?

B. Enumerate four factors to consider when buying food.

C. List four preservation methods and where it can be stored.



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