Exam Questions – First Term Examination Agriculture Primary 3 (Basic 3)

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INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions. 

For reference or answer to the questions, visit – Agriculture (Primary 3) link



Answer all the questions in this section.

Choose the correct answer from the options: 

1. The study of flowering plant in the environment and things around us is called __________________.

[a] nature

[b] political

[c] vicinity


2. Farm tools make work __________________ on the farm.

[a] easy

[b] hard

[c] difficult


3. Food __________________ are the chemicals found in needed for growth and body well being.

[a] decay

[b] nutrient

[c] poisoning


4. __________________ is a seed bearing part of a plant or tree we eat as food.

[a] Carbohydrate

[b] Vegetable

[c] Fruit


5. Fruit gives the body __________________.

[a] vitamins

[b] protein

[c] flavor


6. Body building foods are called __________________.

[a] protein

[b] carbohydrates

[c] fat and oil



7. Which of these is not a carbohydrate?

[a] yam

[b] rice

[c] meat


8. Sugar can be obtained from __________________.

[a] orange

[b] flower

[c] sugar cane


9. Which of these is a source of carbohydrate?

[a] millet

[b] fish

[c] egg


10. Spinach is an example of vegetable.

[a] yes

[b] no

[c] none of the above


11. All energy giving foods contain __________________.

[a] carbohydrate

[b] protein

[c] fat


12. Fruit Juice can be made from __________________.

[a] orange and apple

[b] orange and cassava

[c] egg and rice


13. Bitter leaf can be used for __________________.

[a] soap

[b] cream

[c] medicine



14. Plant is a living things that has __________________.

[a] leaves and root

[b] honey and bee

[c] money and house


15. Fatty foods contain __________________.

[a] blood

[b] fat

[c] protein




Attempt all the questions in this section. 


1. Define energy giving foods.



b. List 3 types of energy giving foods:

i. __________________

ii. __________________

iii. __________________



2. Define body building foods.



b. List 7 fruit you know:

i. __________________

ii. __________________

iii. __________________

iv. __________________

v. __________________

vi. __________________

vii. __________________


3. Mention the 2 classification of body building foods with two examples:

i. __________________

ii. __________________


b. List the 6 component of food:

i. __________________

ii. __________________

iii. __________________

iv. __________________

v. __________________

vi. __________________


4. Vegetable are ____________________________________________________________________


b. List the 2 vegetable crops:

i. __________________

ii. __________________

iii __________________


5. Define oily and fatty food.




b. List 3 uses of oily and fatty food:

i. __________________

ii. __________________

iii. __________________



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