Second Term Examination Christian Religious Studies Primary 2 (Basic 2) All the Subjects

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Christian Religious Studies


Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. Who appeared to Mary in her dream?

[a] Spirit

[b] Angel

[c] Money


2. ____________________ walk on the water.

[a] John

[b] Peter

[c] sea


3. Prayer is ____________________ for Christians.

[a] good

[b] bad

[c] worst


4. Who dreamt about the life of Jesus?

[a] Angel

[b] Samuel

[c] Joseph


5. We talk to God through ____________________.

[a] fighting

[b] prayer

[c] dancing


6. ____________________ raised Lazarus from dead

[a] Jesus

[b] Mary

[c] peter


7. Whose mother was sick of fever?

[a] John in law



[b] Andrew’s mother

[c] Peter’s mother in law


8 Jesus calm the ____________________.

[a] river

[b] sea

[c] people


9. ____________________ has power over death and diseases.

[a] Satan

[b] Iman

[c] Jesus


10. Jesus turned water into ____________________.

[a] 7up

[b] beer

[c] wine


11. God says we should ____________________ one another.

[a] look

[b] hate

[c] love


12. Jesus pray and ____________________ for forty days.

[a] party

[b] fasted

[c] eat


13. ____________________ gave birth to Jesus Christ.

[a] Anna

[b] Mary

[c] Sarah


14. Jesus was baptized in river ____________________..

[a] Nile



[b] Red Sea

[c] Jordan


15. Jesus was tempted by ____________________.

[a] Devil

[b] John

[c] Daniel




Attempt all questions in this section.


1. Mention the name of any two disciple of Jesus that were in the ship when the storm started.

I. _______________________________

II. _______________________________

III. _______________________________


2. _______________________ told Jesus to turn stone to bread.


3. Mention 3 people raised from death by Jesus Christ.


4. Matthew 3 Vs 7 says _____________________________________________




5. Luke 4 Vs 4 says ________________________________________________




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