Second Term Examination Civic Education Primary 6 (Basic 6)

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Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. What are values?

[a] Moral principles, standards that one considers important

[b] Bad principles and standards

[c] Immoral acts


2. Which of these is not a value of patriotism?

[a] Respect

[b] Intolerance

[c] Selfless


3. Things with special meanings used to identify a country are called __________________.

[a] significant symbols

[b] national symbols

[c] school symbols


4. A person who is not a citizen of the country where he or she lives is a __________________.

[a] foreigner

[b] citizen

[c] patriot


5. When a person of foreign birth is admitted to full citizenship of a country, this type of citizenship is by __________________.

[a] birth

[b] death

[c] naturalization


6. __________________ is a policy that ensures rules and regulations are strongly adhered to.

[a] Due process



[b] Tribalism

[c] Welfare


7. Which of these is not a problem to the implementation of government programmes?

[a] Corruption

[b] Inadequate funding

[c] Good attitude from the people


8. Who designed the Nigerian National flag?

[a] Mr Taye Taiwo

[b] Mr Dele Giwa

[c] Mr Taiwo Akinkunmi


9. Which of these is not a national agency showing loyalty?

[a] Nigeria Army

[b] Nigeria Police force

[c] Boko Haram


10. A group of people who rules and controls the affairs of a country or state is called __________________.

[a] terrorist

[b] loyalist

[c] government


11. The __________________ arm of government is the law making section of government.

[a] Executive

[b] Judicial

[c] Legislative


12. All these are conditions a foreigner must fulfil before becoming a Nigerian except __________________.

[a] he must be patriotic.

[b] he must be rich & popular.

[c] he must be good behaviour.


13. One of these is not a reason why foreigners are among us.

[a] Education



[b] Adventure

[c] Change our country’s name


14. Which of these is a problem between the states and federal government?

[a] Respect

[b] Unity

[c] Sharing formula of the nations income


15. A person who enjoys full right in the country where he live is called a __________________.

[a] lunatic

[c] citizen

[c] refuge



Attempt all questions. 


1a. Define Civil society.



b. List 4 ways of acquiring citizenship:

I. ____________________________________

II. ____________________________________

III. ____________________________________

IV. ____________________________________


2. State 5 functions of society groups:

I. ____________________________________

II. ____________________________________

III. ____________________________________

IV. ____________________________________

V. ____________________________________


3a. What are government programmes?




b. Mention 4 importance of NEEDS:

I. ____________________________________

II. ____________________________________

III. ____________________________________

IV. ____________________________________


4a. Define citizenship.



b. Give 4 values of Nationalism and patriotism:

I. ____________________________________

II. ____________________________________

III. ____________________________________

IV. ____________________________________


5. Give the meaning of the following:

I. NAFDAC ______________________________________________________

II. EFCC ______________________________________________________

III. SON ______________________________________________________

IV. UBE ______________________________________________________


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