Second Term Examination Geography SS 1

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Answer ALL the questions.


1. _______________________ is the smallest, hottest and closest planet to the sun.

(a) Venus

(b) Jupiter

(c) Mars

(d) Mercury


2. The movement of the earth round the sun on its axis is termed _______________________.

(a) movement

(b) rotation

(c) eclipse

(d) revolution


3. During _______________________, all places on the earth have equal days and nights.

(a) solstices

(b) summer

(c) equinoxes

(d) winter


4. _______________________ divides the earth into two.

(a) Latitude

(b) Equator

(c) Longitude

(d) Diameter


5. All meridians form part of a _______________________.

(a) great circle

(b) longitude

(c) latitudes

(d) equation



6. The structure of the earth is grouped into _______________________ Zones.

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4


7. _______________________ is the zone of the earth occupied by living organisms.

(a) outer layer

(b) inner layer

(c) hydrosphere

(d) biosphere


8. _______________________ rocks are stratified and non-crystallizing.

(a) Igneous

(b) Sedimentary

(c) Metamorphic

(d) Sand


9. _______________________ rocks are formed out of existing ones.

(a) Igneous

(b) Sedimentary

(c) Graphite

(d) Metamorphic


10. Landforms produced by faulting is _______________________.

(a) volcanic

(b) rift valley

(c) gap valley

(d) great valley



11. _______________________ are often referred to as table lands.

(a) Valleys

(b) Mountains

(c) Plateaux

(d) Flat land


12. _______________________ rocks are generally known to be associated with lowlands.

(a) Igneous

(b) Metamorphic

(c) Sedimentary

(d) Changed


13. The non-living things of an eco-system is _______________________.

(a) biotic

(b) abiotic

(c) biology

(d) abiolatic


14. The deliberate removal of trees from the forest without replacement is _______________________.

(a) forest removal

(b) trees removal

(c) deforestation

(d) aforestation


15. The weather of a place is always very _______________________.

(a) long

(b) shining

(c) cool

(d) brief



16. The following except one are cultural environment.

(a) Religious activities

(b) Dressing

(b) Temperature

(d) Hairstyle


17. _______________________ are mountains of denudation.


18. Volcanic mountains are made up of _______________________.

(a) lava

(b) water

(c) air

(d) liquid


19. It takes the earth _______________________ days to complete one revolution.

(a) 180

(b) 270

(c) 360

(d) 3651/4


20. The revolution of the earth causes _______________________.

(a) day and night

(b) seasons

(c) months

(d) calendar




Answer any four (4) questions.


1a. Name two land forms produced by faulting.

1b. Highlight four importance of mountains to man.

1c. State four disadvantages of mountains.


2. With the aid of diagrams and examples, write explanatory notes on any two of the followings;

(i) Rift valley

(ii) Horst

(iii) Volcanic mountain


3a. What is weather?

3b. What is climate?

3c. Differentiate between weather and climate.

3d. Outline any three factors affecting climate.


4a. Name the three classes of sedimentary rocks with an example of each.

4b. Outline three disadvantages of rocks to man.

4c. List the types of fold mountains.


5a. List four applications of geographic information system.

5b. Discuss four major pitfalls of geographic information system.

5c. Identify and explain two problems of geographic information system in Nigeria.





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