Exam Questions – First Term Examination Home Economics Primary 5 (Basic 5)






INSTRUCTION – Answer all the following questions. 




Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. _________________ is a substance for rubbing surfaces to make them shine.

[a] stone

[b] water

[c] polish


2. A bucket is a _________________.

[a] furniture

[b] plant

[c] container


3. _________________ is an example of home made cleaning agent.

[a] Scouring powder

[b] Stone

[c] Tooth paste


4. We make a surface to make it _________________.

[a] rough

[b] smooth and shine

[c] crook


5. _________________ cannot be used to make a cemented surface clean.

[a] water and  soap

[b] water and brush

[c] machine and cutlass


6. All these tools can be used to clean surfaces except _________________.

[a] brush

[b] sponge

[c] hammer



7. House hold pests are _________________ insects and animals.

[a] friendly

[b] harmful

[c] useful


8. _________________ is not an example of house hold pest.

[a] Mosquito

[b] Bedbug

[c] Cow


9. House hold pests often carry and spread _________________.

[a] health

[b] diseases

[c] wealth


10. _________________ are chemical substances used to fight and prevent insects.

[a] Water

[b] Insecticide

[c] Polish


11. Rats and rodents can cause _________________.

[a] headache

[b] malaria

[c] lassa fever


12. _________________ is not a type of surface in the home.

[a] Terrazzo

[b] Tarred road

[c] Tiles


13. _________________ floor is made of mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water.

[a] concrete

[b] mud

[c] granite



14. One of the disadvantages of wooden floor is _________________.

[a] durable

[b] flammable

[c] beautiful


15. The last step in the preparation of home made polish is _________________.

[a] bleaching of oil

[b] leaving to cool

[c] addition of grated bar soap




Attempt all the following questions. 


1a. Mention 3 advantages of concrete surface:

i. _________________

ii. _________________

iii. _________________


b. Define concrete surface __________________________________



c. List 2 ways concrete surface can be cleaned:

i. _________________

ii. _________________


2a. Define Wooden surface __________________________________________


b. Write 2 advantages of wooden surfaces:

i. _________________

ii. _________________


c. Mention 2 reasons for cleaning wooden surface:

i. _________________

ii. _________________


3a. What is pest? ___________________________________________________


b. State 2 ways household pest can be prevented:

i. _________________

ii. _________________


4. Enumerate 3 effects of pest in the home:

i. _________________

ii. _________________

iii. _________________


5a. Define bucket ___________________________________________________



b. List 3 materials need in caring for bucket:

i. _________________

ii. _________________

iii. _________________