Exam Questions – Second Term Examination Literature in English Primary 4 (Basic 4)








Choose the correct answer from the options.


1. The title of your story book is _________________.

[a] the right play

[b] dancing & playing

[c] the right choice


2. _______________ came out of the house and went straight to the chair where he sit to relax.

[a] Mr Okondu

[b] Mr Odinaka

[c] Mrs Teresa


3. Who sat under the tree?

[a] visitor

[b] Ekene

[c] Mr Okondu


4. _______________ ran past his Legs.

[a] Snake

[b] Cat

[c] Mouse


5. Mr Okondu gave the child money because they are _______________.

[a] hungry

[b] happy

[c] jumping


6. ______________ was awoken from sleep

[a] Mrs Odinaka



[b] Timothy

[c] Odinaka


7. The mother and son went to ________________.

[a] Church

[b] market

[c] school


8. Why was there a shout in the market?

[a] because they are selling

[b] because of thief

[c] because of plenty people


9. How many hours Odinaka spend in the hospital

[a] 6

[b] 3

[c] 5


10. ________________ helped Odinaka’s friends

[a] Abdul

[b] Aboki Aruna

[c] Aboki Danjuma




Attempt all questions

1. Why did Teresa protest?

b. What last word did Teresa said to Odinaka

2. Where did Odinaka go to?

b. How did Deji and Timothy fall into well?


3a. Who past Teresa’s table in the market?

b. What did the woman wear?


4. Describe Uncle Izunna’s wife.


5a. What did Teresa get to know about ljeoma?

b. Why was she also arrested with ljeoma?



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