Exam Questions – Second Term Examination Social Studies Primary 2 (Basic 2) All the Subjects










Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. Washing machines are used for ______________.

[a] washing shoe

[b] washing clothes

[c] washing plate


2. An electrical appliance used for cooking is ______________.

[a] tyres

[b] firewood

[c] electric stove


3. Accident can happen ______________.

[a] only in school

[b] only at home

[c] anywhere


4. To prevent accident, we should not play with ______________.

[a] ball

[b] toy

[c] money


5. ______________ are materials used to produce another goods.

[a] Saving

[b] Resource

[c] Accident


6. These are list of things we can keep in the bank expect ______________.

[a] money

[b] document

[c] food


7. Accident can leads to all these expect ______________.

[a] lost of properties



[b] death

[c] office


8. Accidents can lead to ______________.

[a] injury

[b] money

[c] food


9. ______________ is a way of keeping our money and other valuable items in the bank.

[a] Accident

[b] Resource

[c] Saving


10. All home appliances need maintenance.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Maybe


11. In olden days, people kept their money in banks.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Maybe


12. We store things like fish, beans and ______________.

[a] bag

[b] shoe

[c] yam


13. There are ______________ major types of appliance.

[a] 2

[b] 3

[c] 4


14. Electric iron is used for ______________.

[a] cooking



[b] ironing clothes

[c] boiling water


15. We can store thing in ______________.

[a] air

[b] sand

[c] refrigerator




Attempt all questions in this section. 


1. Mention 3 solutions to the problems of saving.

I. ________________________________________________

II. ________________________________________________

III. ________________________________________________


2. What is resource?



3. List 2 types of resource.

I. ________________________

II. ________________________


4. Saving is the ________________________________________________.



5. Mention 4 things we can save.

I. ________________________

II. ________________________

III. ________________________

IV. ________________________



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