English Studies JSS 1 Guides Listening and Speaking

  ENGLISH STUDIES THEME – LISTENING AND SPEAKING  TOPIC 1 – LISTENING AND PRODUCING DIFFERENT SPEECHES WITH REFERENCE TO VOWEL SOUNDS INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS 1. Recorded materials, e.g. Audio and video tapes. 2. Newspaper/magazines cuttings and supplementary readers containing passages on: The family The school Places of worship Consumer, market and society Transportation Health issues and

English Studies Jss 1 Guides Grammatical Accuracy

  ENGLISH STUDIES  THEME – GRAMMATICAL ACCURACY  TOPIC 1 – ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VERBS INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS 1. Various passages 2. Substitution tables 3. Course book 4. Supplementary readers 5. Magazines/newspaper cuttings   LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: 1. identify the active and passive verbs. 2. list active

Teacher Guide to Different Types of Writing

  TEACHING DIFFERENT TYPES OF WRITING INTRODUCTION A good writing must have unity and coherence. By unity, is meant that the essay discusses one main subject and that each paragraph or section of the essay contributes to the development of an aspect of that main idea. In other words, collectively, all of the paragraphs put