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    Welcome Back to School I Smart Teachers We take great pride and joy in welcoming you back to school. It’s a new beginning, a fresh, bright year. So open your mind, and push out the fear. Enjoy your first day of school! Enjoy Your First Day, Week, Month and Term with Home of

Exam Questions – First Term, Second Term and Third Term Examination Links For Nursery Classes, Kindergarten Class, Primary Schools and Junior and Senior Secondary Schools

    FIRST TERM, SECOND TERM AND THIRD TERM EXAMINATION FOR NURSERY AND KINDERGARTEN CLASSES PRIMARY SCHOOLS JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS   ____________________________________________________________ PRESCHOOL ____________________________________________________________   NURSERY 1  Exam Questions – First Term, Second Term and Third Term Examination For Nursery 1 (Age 3) – All the Subjects   NURSERY 2  Exam Questions

Basic Science Mid Term Test Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Second Term

  Basic Science and Technology  Second Term Mid Term Test  Primary 5 (Basic 5) Note – The test covers week 1 – week 6. Each week contains 10 multiple questions. Please, carefully select 10 – 20 questions out of 70 questions available to cover week 1 – week 6 lessons.       MID TERM TEST

Number Work Nursery 2 (Age 4)

    First Term, Second Term and Third Term  Number Work Scheme of Work and Plan Lesson Notes Nursery 2 – Age 4     FIRST TERM  SCHEME OF WORK WITH PLAN LESSON NOTES   Work in progress   WEEK 1 –    WEEK 10 | WEEK 11 – Revision    WEEK 12 – Examination 
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