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Basic Plane Shapes – Polygons and Circles

LESSON 2 – POLYGONS    TOPIC Introduction Meaning and Types of Triangles Meaning and Types of Quadrilaterals Meaning and Types of Polygon Meaning and Properties of A Circle Lines of Symmetry Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION Plane shapes are two dimensional figures such as triangles, quadrilaterals and circles. Plane shapes are closed flat figure that have

Lines, Angles and Bearing (Directions)

LESSON – LINES, ANGLES AND BEARING    TOPIC Introduction Types of Lines Meaning and Types of Angles Bearing (Four Cardinal Points) Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION A line is a straight or curved mark made by marking materials like pen, pencil, etc. A line can be thin or thick line. When two or more lines are

Temperature and Its Standard Units

LESSON – TEMPERATURE  TOPIC   INTRODUCTION  Heat is the cause, a rise in temperature is the effect. When a substance is hot, the temperature is high and when the substance is less hot (cold), the temperature is lower. Temperature can be measured with a thermometer in degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit called unit. The relationship

Mathematics Primary 5 (Basic 5)

    First Term, Second Term and Third Term Mathematics  Scheme of Work with Plan Lesson Notes for Primary 5       FIRST TERM MATHEMATICS  SCHEME OF WORK WITH PLAN LESSON NOTES   WEEK 1 – Reading and Write Numerals Up to One Million in Words and Figures (Primary 5)     WEEK 2