Category: Basic Science (BST) 2

Existence of Air

  EXISTENCE OF AIR  LEARNING AREA Introduction Meaning of Air Existence of Air Properties of Air Importance (Uses) of Air Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION Air is around. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbo dioxide. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are air (gas). All living things need air. The human, animals and plants would die

Basic Science and Technology Primary 2 (Basic 2)

  BASIC SCIENCE  TERM 1, TERM 2 AND TERM 3  PLAN LESSON NOTES AND SCHEME OF WORK  PRIMARY 2 (BASIC 2)   FIRST TERM BST  TERM 1 WEEKLY PLAN LESSON NOTES    WEEK 1 Revision of Second Term Work or Second Term Examination Basic Science Basic 2     WEEK 2 The Five (5) Sense