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English Studies JSS 1 Guides Listening and Speaking

  ENGLISH STUDIES THEME – LISTENING AND SPEAKING  TOPIC 1 – LISTENING AND PRODUCING DIFFERENT SPEECHES WITH REFERENCE TO VOWEL SOUNDS   INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS 1. Recorded materials, e.g. Audio and video tapes. 2. Newspaper/magazines cuttings and supplementary readers containing passages on: The family The school Places of worship Consumer, market and society Transportation Health issues

English Studies Jss 1 Guides Grammatical Accuracy

  ENGLISH STUDIES  THEME – GRAMMATICAL ACCURACY  TOPIC 1 – ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VERBS   INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS 1. Various passages 2. Substitution tables 3. Course book 4. Supplementary readers 5. Magazines/newspaper cuttings   LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: 1. identify the active and passive verbs. 2. list