First Term examination Agriculture Science Basic 7 (JSS 1)









Answer all Questions 


1. The cultivation of crops and rearing of animals is _____________________.


2. _____________________ Is an importance of agriculture to man.


3. All are importance of agriculture nation’s economy except_____________________.

{a} foreign exchange
{b} shelter
{c} employment
{d} revenue


4. The process by which agriculture started from the old era to the modern era is called _____________________.

{a} transformation
{b} development
{c} evolution
{d} location


5. One form of agriculture is _____________________.


6. Agricultural system in which a farmer deals in animal production is_____________________.

{a} pigry farming
{b} bee farming
{c} livestock farming
{d} crop farming


7. _____________________ specializes on horticultural plant production.

{a} botanist
{b} horticulturist
{c} monoculturist
{d} apiculturist



8. Planting of different types of crops on the same piece of land is _____________________.


9. The agricultural form in which a farmer move with cattle from place to place in search of pasture and water is _____________________.

{a} pastoral farming
{b} nomadic farming
{c} bee farming
{d} livestock farming


10. _____________________ is an example of aquatic animal.


11. The act of tending, guarding and livestock keeping is _____________________.

{a} pastoral farming
{b} tree farming
{c} horticultural farming
{d} arable farming


12. Pastoral farming is also known as _____________________.

{a} crop farming
{b} livestock farming
{c} bee farming
{d} snail farming


13. An example of fruit crop is_____________________.


14. A good example of citrus fruit is_____________________.


15. Plant parts include the following except_____________________.

{a} shoot
{b} bone
{c} leaves
{d} root



16. The plant part in the soil is the _____________________.

{a} The root
{b} the stem
{c} the stem
{d} The leave


17. Animal that live in water and on land are called _____________________.

{a} aquatic
{b} amphibian
{c} terrestrial
{d} arboreal


18 An example of ornamental crop is _____________________.


19 Crops that complete their life span within a year are called _____________________.


20 _____________________ is an example of cash crop.

{a} maize
{b} cotton
{c} cassava
{d} yam.



Section B – THEORY

Answer four {4} questions in this section. 


1a. State four (4) forms of agriculture.


1b List six (6) importance of agriculture.


2. Discuss the history of agriculture from early man to the present day.


3a. What is horticulture?

3b. Highlight three (3) horticultural crops.

3c. Distinguish inter – planting from intercropping.


4a. Define livestock farming.

4b Mention five (5) importance of livestock farming.


5a. Explain the following based on their lifespan.



I. Annual crops

II. Biennial crops

III. Perennial crops


5b Give examples of (5a) each above.