First Term Examination Basic Science and Technology Primary 4 (Basic 4) – Exam Questions

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INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions. 




Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. Changes in nature are of _______________ main types.

[a] 2

[b] 4

[c] 7


2. Temporary change is also called _______________ change.

[a] permanent

[b] reversible

[c] irreversible


3. A young plant that is raised from seed and not from a cut is called _______________.

[a] plantation

[b] seedling

[c] potato


4. Non – living things do not have _______________ in them.

[a] legs

[b] head

[c] breathe


5. _______________ is the state of the atmosphere of a given time.

[a] Temperature


[b] Weather

[c] Rainfall


6. The instrument for measuring temperature is called _______________.

[a] wind vane

[b] rainguage

[c] thermometer


7. The rainbow has _______________ colours.

[a] five

[b] six

[c] seven


8. The measurement from one end to the other end is _______________.

[a] length

[b] volume

[c] breadth


9. __________ is not an example of solid shape.

[a] Rhombus

[b] Prism

[c] Sphere


10. What is the name of this shape?

[a] Cone

[b] Rectangle

[c] Cylinder


11. The part of the plant that is the soil is called _______________.

[a] stem


[b] root

[c] leaves


12. The direction of wind is known as _______________.

[a] windvane

[b] barometer

[c] rainguage


13. Which of the following units is used to measure the volume of liquid?

[a] L

[b] m²

[c] cm³


14. A baby lion is called _______________.

[a] calf

[b] cub

[c] ewe


15. What is the colour of a rusted iron?

[a] white

[b] grey

[c] brown




Attempt all the questions in this section. 


1a. What is weather?



b. Name each of the following weather situation.


I. _____________________________________

II. _____________________________________

III. _____________________________________


2a. Measure can be define as _____________________________________.

b. List two instrument for measuring weather:

i. _____________________________________

ii. _____________________________________


3a. Define change.



b. Write two type of change:

i. _____________________________________

ii. _____________________________________


4a. What are the life cycle of a mosquito?



b. Write out the rainbow colours:






5a. Define living things.



b. List 3 types of living things:

i. _____________________________________

ii. _____________________________________

iii. _____________________________________