First Term Examination Basic Science Basic 8 (JSS 2)






BASIC 8 (JSS 2) 



Answer all questions


1. Abiotic factor include _________________.

(a) rainfall

(b) temperature

(c) humidity

(d) all of the above


2. The plants and animals within our environment form what are called _________________.

(a) abiotic community

(b) biotic community

(c) interactic community

(d) house community


3. All are examples of habitat except _________________.

(a) aquatic

(b) arboreal

(c) terrestrial

(d) ecology


4. A boy of five years old is referred to as higher animal, because _________________.

(a) ha can talk

(b) he sleeps very well

(c) he can eat

(d) he has developed brain


5. Man is considered superior to other animals, because _________________.

(a) man has brighter eyes

(b) man has most brighter intelligence

(c) man has a big heart

(d) man has more efficient nose


6. One of these can lead to bag growth and development.

(a) Diseases

(b) Exercise

(c) Rest

(d) Height


7. The following are the major indices of growth changes in living things except _________________.

(a) height

(b) fatness

(c) size

(d) weight



8. Growth is the quantitative change increase in _________________.

(a) height

(b) weight

(c) size

(d) all of the above


9. Developmental change is transition from _________________.

(a) birth to infancy

(b) infancy to adolescent

(c) adolescent to adulthood

(d) all of the above


10. People have differences in their physical appearances, some of those differences are in terms of the following except _________________.

(a) size

(b) shape

(c) ethnicity

(d) age


11. Lack of self esteem can lead to a feeling of _________________.

(a) pregnancy

(b) worthlessness

(c) personal hygiene

(d) self knowledge


12. Animals that live on land are called _________________ animals.

(a) aquatic

(b) terrestrial

(c) underground

(d) arboreal


13. _________________ is the stage of development between childhood and adulthood.

(a) Infancy

(b) Puberty

(c) Adolescent

(d) Adulthood


14. _________________ is a stage when an individual takes full responsibilities for his/her actions.

(a) Adulthood

(b) Infancy

(c) Adolescence

(d) Puberty


15. Permanent changes occur and remain through out _________________ life time.

(a) an organism’s

(b) a plant’s

(c) an adult’s

(d) a child’s



16. Size is a measure of how _________________ an organism is.

(a) small or tiny

(b) large and fat

(c) small or large

(d) tiny or round


17. There are _________________stages of development in an individual.

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4


18. Thermometer is used for measuring _________________.

(a) humidity

(b) rainfall

(c) temperature

(d) wind


19. Which of these statements is not a characteristic of mammals?

(a) mammals have streamlined body parts for swimming

(b) mammals possess internal skeletons (c) mammals have fur on their bodies

(d) mammals feed their young ones with milk from their mammary glands


20. Which of these animals is not an aquatic organism?

(a) Crocodile

(b) Elephant

(c) Shark

(d) Dolphin



Section B

Answer any four questions only.


1a. Aquatic habitat is divided into three. Name them.

1b. List and explain the three types of habitat.

1c. List two adaptive features of terrestrial animals.

1d. List two adaptive features of aquatic plants.


2a. List and explain the three parts of the human brain.

2b. List four things man can use his developed brain to do.

2c. Name the instruments used in measuring the following;

(i) time

(ii) weight

(iii) length

(iv) speed

2d. Man belongs to the group of vertebrates known as _________________.

2e. Human beings are the most advanced of the entire _________________.


3a. List and explain the three stages of growth in human beings.

3b. State two characteristic features during infancy stage.



3c. State two characteristic features of adulthood stage.

3d. State two characteristic features of adolescent stage.


4a. What is the media conception of beauty?

4b. State four effects of puberty changes on body image behavior.

4c. List four factors that may determine one’s self esteem.


5a. Complete the following sentences;

i. Each person is __________________________________.

ii. All human start life as a single fertilized cell called _________________.

iii. Permanent changes remain _________________.

iv. Man is a __________________________________.

v. The feeling you have about yourself is _________________.


5b. list three changes that occur in boys at puberty.

5c. list two changes that occur in girls at puberty.