First Term Examination Basic Technology Basic 8 (JSS 2)






BASIC 8 (JSS 2) 



Answer all questions. 


1. The immediate treatment given to a patient before a doctor’s arrival is called _____________.

(a) second aid

(b) first aid

(c) third aid

(d) fourth aid


2. All are examples of workshops accidents except _____________.

(a) burns

(b) poison

(c) fire outbreak

(d) electrocution


3. _____________ is the sign of first aid.

(a) –

(b) X

(c) +

(d) ÷


4. Rescue operations include rescuing victims of _____________.

(a) earth quake

(b) houseflies

(c) mosquito bites

(d) tse-tse fly


5. Metals can be classified into ferrous and _____________ Ferrous.

(a) non

(b) dis

(c) ha

(d) im


6. _____________ is used for flower vases.

(a) plastics

(b) metals

(c) ceramics

(d) rubber


7. _____________is used for making storage tanks.

(a) metals

(b) plastics



(c) ceramics

(d) rubber


8. A _____________ is a long mark that joins two points together.

(a) Zig-zag

(b) Line

(c) Curve

(d) Dotted


9. The quarter of a circle is referred to as _____________.

(a) quadrant (b) quart (c) semi circle (d) chord


10. A triangle is a plane figure with three lines and angles.

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) Maybe

(d) Maybe not


11. 90° angle is the same as right angle triangle.

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) Maybe

(d) Maybe not


12. _____________ triangle has all sides and angles equal.

(a) Isosceles

(b) Equilateral

(c) Scalene

(d) Right angle


13. Two _____________ lines can never meet.

(a) parallel

(b) parallelogram

(c) dotted lines

(d) dotted


14. All are in first aid except _____________.

(a) paracetamol

(b) petrol

(c) iodine

(d) bandage


15. _____________ is used for ornament making.

(a) gold

(b) tin



(c) copper

(d) aluminum


16. _____________ is for protecting clothes from dirt.

(a) Cap

(b) Hat

(c) Rain coat

(d) Overall


17. These are safety devices except _____________.

(a) shoe

(b) gloves

(c) goggle

(d) cello tape


18. _____________ is the part of a circle lying between two radii and an arc.

(a) Chord

(b) Sector

(c) Segment

(d) Semi circle


19. _____________ has four sides of equal length at angles 90° each.

(a) Rectangle

(b) Scalene triangle

(c) Obtuse

(d) Square


20. Trapezium is a quadrilateral with its opposite parallel sides.


(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) Maybe

(d) Maybe not



Section B

Answer all Questions. 


1a. What is first aid?

1b. State the full meaning of ABC.


2. List two (2) uses of the following materials each;

(i) metals

(ii) plastics

(iii) rubbers

(iv) ceramics


3a. Mention any three (3) types of lines.



3b. list any two aspects of rescue operations.


4. Draw a circle, identifying the following;

(i) diameter

(ii) radius

(iii) chord


5. Construct angle 45°.