First Term Examination Civic Education Primary 4 (Basic 4)






INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions.




Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. __________________ are desirable qualities and behaviors.

[a] Politics

[b] Democracy

[c] Value


2. Major ethnic group in Nigeria does not include __________________.

[a] Hausa

[b] Tiv

[c] Yoruba


3. Listening to other people view is a way of showing __________________ for the people’s value.

[a] disagreement

[b] respect

[c] disharmful


4. __________________ will promote unity among people.

[a] Conflict

[c] Tolerance

[c] Fanaticism


5. Emir is to Hausa __________________ is to the Yoruba.

[a] Obi

[b] Oba

[c] lgwe


6. A good leader should not be __________________.

[a] honest

[b] kind

[c] wicked



7. The best way to settle disagreement in a community is by __________________.

[a] killing

[b] fighting

[c] dialoguing


8. Unity promotes __________________.

[a] co – operation

[b] death

[c] hatred


9. __________________ means a group of people that controls the affairs of people in a community state or country.

[a] Religion

[b] Communalism

[c] Government


10. A __________________ is the head of a presidential form of a government.

[a] king

[b] queen

[c] president


11. In democracy leaders are chosen by __________________.

[a] voting

[b] coup

[c] decree


12. __________________ is the government of the people for the people and for the people.

[a] Coup

[b] Aristocracy

[c] Democracy


13. Local government is also called __________________ government.

[a] federal

[b] inside

[c] democracy



14. How many tier of government do we have in Nigeria?

[a] 2

[b] 3

[c] 6


15. __________________ is the duty of the local government.

[a] Collection of bribes

[b] Collection of rates

[c] Collection of dowry




Attempt all the question in this section. 


1. Define local government.



b. Write 2 duties of local government

i. __________________

ii. __________________



2a. What is Government?



b. State 2 examples of traditional and constitutional government.

i. __________________

ii. __________________


3. What is culture and culture diversity?



4. Explain community leadership.



b. Mention 2 duties of community leader:

i. __________________

ii. __________________


5. State government is a body.




b. List 3 tiers of government:

i. __________________

ii. __________________

iii. __________________