Happy New year and Happy Resumption. This is inform you that our contents are under review to meet the new set standards as stated in Lagos State Scheme of Work 2021 Edition.

First Term Examination Civic Education Primary 4 (Basic 4)






INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions.




Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. __________________ are desirable qualities and behaviors.

[a] Politics

[b] Democracy

[c] Value


2. Major ethnic group in Nigeria does not include __________________.

[a] Hausa

[b] Tiv

[c] Yoruba


3. Listening to other people view is a way of showing __________________ for the people’s value.

[a] disagreement

[b] respect

[c] disharmful


4. __________________ will promote unity among people.

[a] Conflict

[c] Tolerance

[c] Fanaticism


5. Emir is to Hausa __________________ is to the Yoruba.

[a] Obi

[b] Oba

[c] lgwe


6. A good leader should not be __________________.

[a] honest

[b] kind

[c] wicked



7. The best way to settle disagreement in a community is by __________________.

[a] killing

[b] fighting

[c] dialoguing


8. Unity promotes __________________.

[a] co – operation

[b] death

[c] hatred


9. __________________ means a group of people that controls the affairs of people in a community state or country.

[a] Religion

[b] Communalism

[c] Government


10. A __________________ is the head of a presidential form of a government.

[a] king

[b] queen

[c] president


11. In democracy leaders are chosen by __________________.

[a] voting

[b] coup

[c] decree


12. __________________ is the government of the people for the people and for the people.

[a] Coup

[b] Aristocracy

[c] Democracy


13. Local government is also called __________________ government.

[a] federal

[b] inside

[c] democracy



14. How many tier of government do we have in Nigeria?

[a] 2

[b] 3

[c] 6


15. __________________ is the duty of the local government.

[a] Collection of bribes

[b] Collection of rates

[c] Collection of dowry




Attempt all the question in this section. 


1. Define local government.



b. Write 2 duties of local government

i. __________________

ii. __________________



2a. What is Government?



b. State 2 examples of traditional and constitutional government.

i. __________________

ii. __________________


3. What is culture and culture diversity?



4. Explain community leadership.



b. Mention 2 duties of community leader:

i. __________________

ii. __________________


5. State government is a body.




b. List 3 tiers of government:

i. __________________

ii. __________________

iii. __________________