First Term Examination English Studies and Composition for Primary 6 (Basic 6) – Exam Questions










INSTRUCTION – Read carefully and answer the question below. 

Religion is a way of serving or worshipping the supreme God. There are many types of religion in the world. However, the three major types of religion in Nigeria are Christianity, Islamic and traditional religion. Although, these three religions have different ways of worshipping their God or gods, yet they acknowledge the supreme God.

Both Christianity and Islamic religion preach peace, unity, love and Co-operation. These two religions including the traditional religion play vital roles in the society. They settle disputes between husband and wife, individuals etc. They lead by examples.



a. What are the three major religions in Nigeria ?

b. Define religion

c. Mention 2 roles of religious leaders in the society

d. I practice _____ religion




INSTRUCTION – Fill in the gaps with the correct option. 

1. A preposition _____.

[a] joins two parts of a sentence

[b] describe nouns

[c] shows the connection between two nouns


2. Which of these words is adjective?

[a] go

[b] fat

[c] across


3. The word “ quickly “ is an example of _____.

[a] an adverb

[b] an adjective

[c] a verb


4. There are many _____ in Africa.

[a] citys

[b] cities

[c] city


5. The table was decorated with a _____ of flowers.

[a] bouquet

[b] bunch

[c] galaxy


6. They were attacked by a __________ of bees.

[a] troop

[b] brood

[c] swarm


7. The _____ were found near the garage.

[a] girl’s bags

[b] girl’s bag

[c] girls bags



8. l bought those items from the _____.

[a] children’s shop

[b] children’s shop

[c] children’s shops


9. Please put the bowl _____.

[a] hair

[b] here

[c] hear


10. The officer is wearing a political _____.

[a] suit

[b] sweet

[c] suite


11. The thieves ran away _____ they saw the policemen.

[a] which

[b] when

[c] who


12. Treasure finished the test early _____ she knew her work very well.

[a] although

[b] because

[c] therefore


13. The dam is so full that it is _____ overflowing.

[a] after

[b] almost

[c] soon


14. A period of ten years is _____.

[a] decade

[b] millennium

[c] yearly


15. Yesterday l _____ water.

[a] drink

[b] drank

[c] drinked





1. Match each word on the left with its correct meaning.

a. Inventions Drug that makes a patient sleep deeply so that they do not feel the pain of surgery.

b. Collision Rubbish or chemicals that can damage the environment or health of people.

c. Anaesthetic accident where two objects or people knock into each other.

d. Pollution New things or methods created by someone.


2. Use the correct listed proposition to complete these following: sentences, in, on, behind, between, with, or under. 

a. Look , l am _____ you.

b. She is _____ her bedroom.

c. The vase is _____ the table

d. The river flows _____ the bridge


3. Change the active voice sentences into passive voice. 

a. The teacher gives the class their homework.

b. We keep our books on the shelf.

c. The boy helped his friend yesterday.

d. John will go to visit her aunt in the holidays.



4 Replace the words in bold letters with similar in meaning. 

a. l asked him to help me.

b. His grandma has strong affection for him.

c. The classroom is calm.

d. Jacob is a very good friend of mine.


5. Use the correct suffix from the list to make new words – ful, al, ship, ology, ly, or hood. 

a. Woman

b. Meaning

c. Scholar

d. Friend




INSTRUCTION – Choose one of the questions. 

1. Write a letter to the chairman of your local government and complain about the problem in your area.

2. Write a letter to your uncle/Aunt tell him / her to assist your parents in paying your school fees.

3. Write an autobiography of you and your health.

4. Write as composition about the unusual incident you experienced.





INSTRUCTION – Read carefully and answer the question below:

l had a terrible experience on the way to school on Wednesday morning. As we were arriving at the gates, l saw an old man waiting to cross the road. l realized he was our neighbor, Mr Nwakwo. A small dog sat at his feet. He was holding the hand of a tiny girl of about four years old. She is his granddaughter, Raliat. Mr Nwakwo looked from left to right and back again — Just the way we are taught to do before crossing the road. The little girl stood patiently waiting. Everything looked fine.

Suddenly that changed. The dog noticed a cat on the other side of the road. It dashed across the road, weaving between cars, buses and taxis. It was frightening to watch. But then things suddenly got worse. The little girl gave a cry and started to run after her pet. She sped right into the fast moving traffic. Car brakes squealed. By standers screamed. The old man threw up his hands helplessly.

Miraculously the little girl made it across the road to her panting dog. Fortunately none of the cars were speeding, and there were no accidents. Soon the little girl, Her dog and the aged man were reunited. The whole incident had happened in only a few minutes.




1. When did this incident happen?

2. Where did it take place?

3. Give 3 words that describe sounds in the report.

4. Did the incident end happily or sadly?

5. Give reasons for your answer?




INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct options. 

1. Make hay while the sun _____.

[ a ] shines

[ b ] shone

[ c ] shone


2. I am _____ rice.

[ a ] eating

[ b ] eaten

[ c ] ate


3. This is the girl _____ stole the meat.

[ a ] which

[ b ] who

[ c ] where


4. The man _____ is with the headmaster is my father.

[ a ] who

[ b ] which

[ c ] whom


5. Add a suffix from the list to this word to form a new word “enjoy“_____.

[ a ] ment

[ b ] less

[ c ] ness


6. Choose a prefix to add to this word “understand“_____.

[ a ] un

[ b ] mis

[ c ] dis



7. The teacher shouted _____ at the naughty boy.

[ a ] angry

[ b ] angrily

[ c ] fast


8. We met _____ school.

[ a ] at

[ b ] behind

[ c ] with


9. Hassan _____ a new bicycle.

[ a ] have

[ b ] has

[ c ] have


10. l _____ to the cinema this evening

[ a ] will give

[ b ] is going

[ c ] am going


11. They decided to go on the hike _____ the weather was bad

[ a ] although

[ b ] because

[ c ] but


12. My grandfather is weak and old _____.

[ a ] young

[ b ] strong

[ c ] feeble


Choose the correct form of the verb in the sentences below:

13. She _____ from the interview when it began to rain

[ a ] returned

[ b ] was returning

[ c ] had returning



14. Daniel _____ some stew. It is ready now.

[ a ] has cooked

[ b ] has been cooking

[ c ] is cooking


Pick out the adverbs in the following sentences:

15. The pupils ate hurriedly because it was already time for school to open.

[ a ] ate

[ b ] hurriedly

[ c ] already

[ d ] school


15. The dam is so full it is _____ overflowing.

[ a ] often

[ b ] almost

[ c ] hardly



1. Respell the following words and use each to build sentences.

a. Comjested

b. bechaviour

c. govmernt

d. Seadise


2a. Copy the table put each Noun from the in correct column:

Common Noun – Proper Noun 

Abstract Noun – Collective Noun

i. A suit of clothes

ii. Nigeria

iii. Udochi

iv. Jealousy

v. Kindness

vi. A swarm of bees

vii. Handbag

vii. Trees


2b. Complete the table below:

Present Tense – Present continuous Tense – Past Tense

i. Arrive, _____, _____.

ii. _____, Putting _____.

iii. _____, _____, Gave.

iv. Fight _____, _____



3a. Use the correct prefixes from the list to make words “Un, Co, Semi, pre.

i. Kind

ii. Final

iii. Operate

iv. Judice


3b. Join these sentences to make one sentence each us; “that, who, in addition, however“.

i. l was so tired. l slept immediately l got home.

ii. This is the trader. He sells clothes.

iii. Favour wants to take up piano lesson. She wants to take up drums now.

iv. We have an English test today. We are not sitting for it.