First Term Examination Security Education Basic 8 (JSS 2)



BASIC 8 (JSS 2) 



SECTION A – Answer all questions . 


1. ________________ refers to a way of acquiring norms, skills and values that enhance protection of lives and properties.

{a} security

{b} security education

{c} seniority

{d} severity


2. ________________ is considered as actions or events that are against the laws and morals in the society.


3. The process and procedure of protecting lives and properties from danger is called ________________.


4. The ability to notice and recognize activities or events that could lead to criminal activities is referred to as ________________.


5. A person that actually witnessed a crime and can give the first hand information about how it happened is called ________________.


6. One way of observing a crime is ________________.


7. Skills needed for observing crime include all except ________________.

{a} vigilance

{b}understand the crime

{c} calmness

{d} expose the crime


8. One way of preventing common crimes in school is ________________.


9. ________________ is an example of common crimes in the school.


10. Reporting crimes could be through ________________.


11. The government agencies that control crimes include all but ________________.

{a} N.P.F

{b} SSS

{c} N.B.A,

{d} EFCC


12. The four levels of responding to crime include all except ________________.

{a} individual

{b} community

{c} group

{d} security agents


13. How many response could crime be responded to?

{a} 5

{b} 4

{c} 3

{d} 2


14. NEMA Means _________________________________________.


15. The scientific study of crime is referred to as ________________.

{a} criminal

{b} criminology

{c} detection

{d} enforcement



16. ________________ is an agency responsible for people who engage in drug trafficking.


17. ________________ is an agency responsible for emergency situations across the country.

{a} I.C.P.C.

{b} E.F.C.C.

{c} N.E.M.A.

{d} S.S.S.


18. ________________ Is an agency for state road traffic management authority.

{a} L.A.S.I.E.C.

{b} L.A.S.M.A.

{c} F.R.S.C.

{d} S.E.M.A.


19. ________________ Is responsible for federal roads and assists accident victims.

{a} S.E.M.A.

{b} N.E.M.A.

{c} F.R.S.C.

{d} N.P.F.


20. One way of handling crime by people without endangering life is ________________.



Section B – Theory

Answer four{4} questions in all.


1. Discuss the history of security from the period of early man to the present dispensation.


2a. State four (4) different ways of observing common crimes.

2b State four (4) different ways of responding to common crimes in the environment.

2c Highlight four (4) ways of preventing common crimes in school.


3a. Define reporting crime.

3b. What is criminology?

3c. Briefly explain three (3) ways of reporting crimes.


4a. List five (5) agencies of government that crimes could be reported in Nigeria.

4b. Highlight five (5) ways people can report crimes without endangering their lives.


5a List four (4) levels of responding to crimes.

5b Explain the full meaning of the following government agencies.

I. N.E.M.A.

II. L.A.S.M.A.


IV. I.C.P.C.

V. N.D.L.E.A.