First Term examination Social Studies Basic 8 (JSS 2)










SECTION A – Answer all the Questions in this section. 


1. The deliberate and illegal use of drugs is referred to as ____________________.

(a) drug trafficking

(b) drug intake

(c) drug baron

(d) drug abuse


2. ____________________ is the illegal use and application on a child.

(a) Curse

(b) Traffic

(c) Battery

(d) Abuse


3. An item that is prohibited is said to be ____________________.

(a) legally allowed

(b) illegally allowed

(c) legally not allowed

(d) illegally not allowed


4. One of these is not a component of Social Studies.

(a) biology

(b) geography

(c) economics

(d) sociology


5. The family is an example of a ____________________ social group.

(a) primate

(b) secondary

(c) tertiary

(d) primary


6. ____________________ is not a type of courage.

(a) moral

(b) boldness

(c) physical

(d) spiritual


7. Goods that are imported or exported under certain conditions are called ____________________ goods.

(a) prohibited

(b) lovely



(c) imported

(d) restricted


8. The act of carrying out a threat on someone is referred to as ____________________.

(a) arson

(b) beating

(c) battery

(d) murder


9. All are types of corruption except ____________________.

(a) explorative

(b) transactive

(c) investive

(d) implorative


10. The devotion to a particular secret or occult group is called ____________________.

(a) government

(b) church

(c) mosque

(d) cultism


11. The threat on an individual’s life is simply referred to as ____________________.


12. The abuse of trust for personal or private gain is ____________________.


13. The emotional attachment to a person or a group of persons as a result of feeling of affection is called ____________________.


14. The motto of the Nigerian coat of arms is ____________________ and ____________________.


15. A type of family where there are nephews, cousins, brothers, sisters and their husbands and wives living together is called ____________________.


16. Nigeria is a country in the ____________________ African sub region.



17. There are ____________________ seasons in Nigeria.


18. The food basket of Nigeria is ____________________ state.


19. UNDP simply means ________________________________________.


20. Those in charge of checking goods in the borders of Nigeria ensuring that they are not legally imported or exported are called ____________________.



 Section B – THEORY

Answer only four (4) questions in this section. 


1a. What is poverty?

1b. State three causes and three consequences of poverty.


2a. Draw a good diagram illustrating components of social studies.


3a. Define the term, Corruption.

3b. What are five causes of corruption?

3c. Are there any consequences, if at all, of corruption? Discuss in full.


4a. Who is a drug trafficker?

4b. Differentiate between restricted drugs and prohibited drugs.



4c. Define drug abuse and list four ways by which drugs can be abused.


5a. What do you understand by the word, ‘Abuse’?

5b. In what five ways can a child be abused?

5c. Is there a difference between assault and battery?. Explain convincingly.