First Term examination Social Studies Basic 9 (JSS 3)










Answer all the Questions in this section. 


1. One of these is not a factor responsible for children and women trafficking.

(a) Poverty
(b) Unemployment
(c) Urban life
(d) Wealth


2. Those beliefs that are capable of endangering the life and well being of the people are referred to as ________________________.

(a) human emotion

(b) African traditional religion

(c) wicked traditions

(d) harmful traditional practice


3. All are components of social studies except ________________________.

(a) geography

(b) sociology

(c) chemistry

(d) economics


4. ________________________ and ________________________ are forms of decision making.

(a) good and bad

(b) long and short

(c) long term and short term

(d) minor and major


5. Those who stay at the ports to ensure movement of persons into or outside a country are personnel of ________________________.

(a) Nigerian customs service

(b) Nigerian Air force

(c) Man-O-War

(d) Nigerian Immigration Service


6. The following are types of courage except ________________________ courage.

(a) spiritual

(b) mental

(c) moral

(d) physical


7. Types of corruption does not include ________________________.

(a) nepotistic

(b) investive

(c) manualistic

(d) explorative


8. A country whose population is less than its available resources is said to be ________________________.

(a) over-populated

(b) optimum population



(c) optimum population

(d) under-populated


9. A type of love that places importance on physical features such as height, chestetc is called ________________________.

(a) self love

(b) friendship love

(c) infatuation

(d) complete love


10. The core of family life education is ________________________.

(a) mental education

(b) moral education

(c) parental education

(d) sexual education


11. HTP stands for ________________________________________________.


12. Female circumcision is otherwise known as ________________________.


13. The total land mass occupied by a country is referred to as ________________________.


14. Those personnel who check the importation and exportation of goods to ensure that there are legally allowed are called ________________________.


15. Members if the armed forces are ________________________ and ________________________.

16. Man’s social environment are divided into ________________________ and ________________________.


17. ________________________ is referred to as the father of evolution.



18. Africans belong to a race called ________________________.


19. The second stage of man’s development is called ________________________.


20. The largest continent of the world is ________________________.



Section B: THEORY

Answer four (4) questions in all.

Question five is compulsory.


1a. Using their respective definitions, differentiate between peace and conflict.

1b. State five importance of peace.

1c. While, defining social studies, use a good diagram to illustrate components of social studies.

1d. Define the physical environment and state ten items you can find in such.


2a. What is a goal?

2b. Write with relevant examples, on the types of goals you were taught.

2c. List the characteristics of a goal.


3a. What are harmful traditional practices?

3b. List five harmful traditional practices.


4a. What do you understand by family life education?

4b. List three core messages of (4a) above

4c. Briefly explain the 6-3-3-4 educational system in Nigeria.


5a. What is population?



5b. Write on the concepts of population growth.

5c. Calculate the population density of Nigeria, if her land mass is 923,768 sq/km and her population is put at approximately 180,000,000 in 2018.


Good Luck