How To Remove The Yellow Background From Your Adsense Ads


This lesson will help you to remove the yellow box or background that appears under the Google adsense ads on your wordpress blog.

Yellow background for Adsense ads is the colour that appears before the ads shows.



Sometimes, it appears alone side with the ads as background colour or frame.



How To Remove The Yellow Background From Your Adsense Ads

Recently, I noticed a yellow background colour on my adsense ads. It is terrible, isn’t it and it doesn’t good for users experience.

Don’t worry if you are experiencing the same issues. Here’s the solution to yellow background colour for adsense ads.


Goto WordPress dashboardAppearanceCustomizeAdditional CSS 

Then, Add the following to your CSS:

ins.adsbygoogle {

background: transparent !important;



Just copy and paste the code in your additional css.

It simply makes background of Google Ads transparent.

The code is doesn’t violate Adsense policy? Add the code to your additional css, problem solve.



The reason for the yellow background is that AdSense displays an ad unit smaller than the space you defined for the ad.

This constellation often happens with responsive ad units. But sometimes AdSense also shows smaller creatives within larger fixed ad spaces.


The background color doesn’t come from AdSense or any plugin. It is your theme that causes this background. This background doesn’t need to be yellow. It can also have any other color.

The “typical” yellow background that you see in the example above is the background color set by some of the standard WordPress themes for the <ins> tag.

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