No One Can Cover The Sunshine



Take – Home Questionnaires 

On Heroes and S-heroes

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt. 


1. Who is your hero?



2. What social, ethical, and career values do you admire in this person?



3. Would you like to share the set of values with this person?



4. Give there reasons why you would want to be like this person?


i. _______________________________________________,


ii. ________________________________________________________,


iii. ________________________________________________________.


5. Do you have the patience and courage to pay for the sacrifices this person paid to get to where he or she is today?



6. If yes, what sacrifices are you willing to make to reach your goals?



7. What can stop you from getting to be like this person?




Main reference:

Back to Basics

Teacher’s Handbook 

Akintunde Isola Ogunleye



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