Second Term Examination Home Economics Basic 9 (JSS 1)








Answer all the questions .


1. A family that consists of father, mother and children is called _______________.

(a) nuclear

(b) extended

(c) compound

(d) conjugal


2. Extended family consists of uncles, aunts, grandfather and grandmother.

(a) True

(b) False

(c) None of the above

(d) True and false


3. Which of the following shows how family members relate to one another.

(a) Family picture

(b) Family form

(c) Family design

(d) Family tree


4. Your brothers and sisters are your _______________.

(a) relations

(b) aunties

(c) nieces

(d) siblings



5. A house in which a family lives in is a _______________.

(a) house

(b) home

(c) building

(d) shelter


6. A home should be furnished to meet the _______________ of the family.

(a) height

(b) length

(c) break

(d) needs


7. Physical force used to harm someone is called _______________.

(a) action

(b) violence

(c) behavior

(d) injury


8. Children can learn violence through _______________.

(a) home video and internet

(b) home video and school

(c) internet and church

(d) church and classroom


9. Domestic violence occurs in the _______________.

(a) school

(b) market

(c) church

(d) home


10. _______________ is fine dry loose particles blown about by air.

(a) dirt

(b) dust

(c) matter

(d) waste



11. Long-handed soft brooms and brushes are used for removing _______________ from walls and ceilings

(a) dirt

(b) object

(c) cobwebs

(d) ropes


12. _______________ Is a dust that has become firmly held by moisture, grease or rough surfaces.

(a) Bacteria

(b) Cobweb

(c) Dirt

(d) Microbe


13. Methylated spirit is a solvent that can remove _______________.

(a) Dust

(b) Dirt

(c) Water

(d) Grease


14. A dirty galvanized bucket can be cleaned with _______________.

(a) sandpaper

(b) pawpaw leaves

(c) bleach

(d) polish


15. One of the following can be applied to a surface to improve its appearance and protect it.

(a) alkaline cleaner

(b) acidic cleaner

(c) detergent

(d) polish




Section B – THEORY

Answer ALL the questions . 

1a. Define Family.

1b. What is family tree?

1c. Mention the three types of family and explain them.


2. Draw a family tree.


3a. An house is a _____________________________________________.

3b. A home is _____________________________________________.

3c. What are the things family members do together? Mention two.

3d. The three needs that are met in the home are:


4. Define the following terms;

(i) violence

(ii) domestic violence

4b. List five reasons for caring for the family.


5a. List the types of home made cleaning agents with examples.

5b. Explain how to make scouring powder.