Second Term Examination Literature in English Primary 6 (Basic 6)









Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. Why did Tayo keep postponing doing things?

[a] He like playing football.

[b] He is lazy.

[c] He want to read.


2. What reason did tayo put forward for not doing his homework?

[a] He was tired.

[b] He wanted to rest for some time.

[c] He wanted to sleep.


3. Why did their father insisted that they hear his lecture first?

[a] He wanted to teach them about procrastination.

[b] He wanted to teach them home work.

[c] He wanted to play with them.


4. After registering a business, what evidence do you provide to show it?

[a] Birth certificate

[b] Death certificate

[c] Business certificate


5. Which nickname was given to Wale by his friends?

[a] Barrister Aproko



[b] Barrister Procrastination

[c] Barrister Proproko


6. What happened on the children ‘s way to school?

[a] They were arrested by the police officer.

[b] They got stuck in traffic.

[c] They had an accident.


7. What attracted Tayo’s attention during the traffic congestion ?

[a] Procrastination is the theif of time.

[b] Make hay while the sun shines.

[c] Time waits for no one.


8. Who was Mr iliya?

[a] A Doctor

[b] A mechanic

[c] A big time businessman


9. What was Tayo’s intention for studying his course?

[a] To own a manufacturing drugs company.

[b] To own a Law firm.

[c] To own a farm land.


10. What reason did Tayo admit caused his problem?

[a] It is enjoyment.



[b] His parent.

[c] It is procrastination.



Attempt all questions in this section. 


1. Why is procrastination dangerous on one’s health according to Tayo’s father?



2. What is the meaning of “make hay while the sun shines “?



b. How are you serious with your education?



3. What was the confession that Tayo made to his brother, Wale?



4. What was the consequence of what both Tayo and Charles did?



5. Which of the brothers learnt a lesson from Mr Wordworth’s story?




b. What are the consequences of procrastination that Tayo experienced in the university?




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