Second Term Examination Mathematics Primary 6 (Basic 6)










Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. The length of a cloth is 1.85m. If 101 of such cloth are joined together, what be the total length?

[a] 2861m

[b] 28.18m

[c] 186.85m


2. The money paid by individuals to government is called ___________________.

[a] rate

[b] tax

[c] salary


3. Which of these is the same as 25?

[a] 2 x 25

[b] 2 x 5 x 2

[c] 5 x 5


4. How many seconds are there in 5 minutes?

[a] 300 secs

[b] 400 secs

[c] 40 secs


5. Which of these is the formula for finding the area of trapezium?

[a] L x b x h



[b] 1/2 ( a + b ) h

[c] 1/2 b x h


6. What is the perimeter of a rectangular tank which measures 25m by 12m?

[a] 37 m

[b] 74 m

[c] 84 m


Calculate the area of these shapes. 



[a] 18 cm³

[b] 18 cm²

[c] 18 cm¹




[a] 10 cm¹

[c] 10 cm²

[c] 10 cm³


9. Pythagorean rule is used to solve problem on ___________________.

[a] circles

[b] right angle triangle

[a] straight lines


10. Given this Triangle, which of these is the pythagorean rule?



[a] c² = a² + b²



[b] b³ = a² + c²

[c] c² = a² – b²



Answer all questions.


1a. Calculate the area of the following shapes:






2a. Use Pythagoras rule to find the length of the missing side ( ? ) in each right angle triangle:






b(I). A state government charges ₦2.50 as water rate for each taxable adult. How much will be collected from town with only 2500 taxable adults.

(II). How much will Ada for 1050 shares at 60 k share?


3a. A horse rider rides for 3 hours and covers a distance of 36 km. What is his average speed?



3b. An aeroplane flying at an average speed of 580km, spent 5 hours in the air. How many kilometers had been covered?


3c. If you brush your teeth for 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening, How much time will you spend brushing teeth in one year ?Give the time in hours and minute


4a. Add the weights, Give your answers in kilograms

(I). 24kg, 35kg, 52kg =

(II). 12t, 8400 kg, 39 t, 4900kg =


b. Convert 11 L to millilitres =

c. How many 4 L gallons are needed to fill a tank holding 112 L?


5a. Calculate the volume of a sphere with radius 7cm.


b. The radius of the base of a cylinder is 6cm and the height of the cylinder is 20cm. Calculate the:

(I). area of the base of the cylinder.

(II). volume of the cylinder.


c. The base of a prism 5cm high is right angled triangle. The sides containing the right angle are of the lengths 6cm and 9cm. Calculate the volume.




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