Second Term Examination (Mock Examination) Data Processing SS 3 – Exam Questions









Choose the correct answer from the options.


1. An electronic device that can accept data,process data and give information as output is called _____________________.

[a] input

[b] processor

[c] output

[d] computer


2. The person regarded as the modern father of computer is _____________________.

[a] Blaise pascal

[b] samule morland

[c] Charles babbage

[d] Joseph jacquard


3. Which of the following is not a source of data collection?

[a] observation

[b] interview

[c] questionnaire

[d] classification


4. A field in a database table is also known as _____________________.

[a] index

[b] relation

[c] attribute

[d] key


5. The type of data entered into a table in database follow a set of rules known as _____________________.

[a] protocols

[b] regulators

[c] algorithms

[d] constraints


6. Social networking does not promote _____________________.

[a] personal publicity

[b] business expansion

[c] e – commerce

[d] e – payment


7. Which of the following is not a computer professional bodies in Nigeria?

[a] Nigeria computer society (NCS)



[b] Nigeria internet group ( NIG )

[c] Nigeria Labour computer ( NLC )

[d] IT industry association of Nig (ITAN)


8. A program developed to protect the computer from malicious software is referred to as _____________________.

[a] trojan

[b] driver

[c] anti virus

[d] spyware


9. In a relational database management system, files are organized as relations and _____________________.

[a] tuple

[b] modules

[c] tables

[d] protocols


10. Which of the following is an alphabetic data?

[a] Bed

[b] Ax44jj

[c] AB + CD

[d] %


11. Which of the following is not used for online shopping _____________________.

[a] Master card

[b] Credit card

[c] Verve card

[d] Sim card


12. In Database management system (DBMS), Linking entities is used to represent ?

[a] attributes

[b] objects

[c] relationships

[d] relations


13. An operating system will perform the following except _____________________ .

[a] files and folders management

[b] storage locations

[c] User profile creation

[d] protection from surge


14. Which of the following is not an ancient medium for transmitting information?

[a] fire lighting



[b] beating of drums

[c] telephone

[d] whistling


15. Which of the following are parts of a computer processor?

[a] CPU and main memory

[b] Control unit and ALU

[c] Operating system and application

[d] main memory and storage


16. Safety measures to be observed when using the computer include all of the following except _____________________ .

[a] Use of antiglare protector

[b] Sitting posture

[c] maintaining a dust free environment

[d] dropping liquids in the computer room.


17. Which of the following is used to retrieve specific information from database tables?

[a] lndex

[b] query

[c] report

[d] table


18. Magazines and brochures can be produced using a _____________________ .

[a] data processing software

[b] graphics software

[c] presentation software

[d] web authoring software


19. The following are advantages of networking except _____________________ .

[a] spamming

[b] sharing of resources

[c] communication

[d] back up


20. Extracting information in Database Management System ( DBMS ) involves _____________________.

[a] sorting

[b] querying

[c] editing

[d] cross referencing


21. The following are advantages of a database management except _____________________ .

[a] restriction of unautorised access to data



[b] compromise of data integrity

[c] provision of multiple interfaces to different classes of users

[d] provision of backup and recovery.


22. Which of the following is not considered when classifying computers _____________________.

[a] size

[b] type

[c] location

[d] purpose


23. The socket into which computer peripherals are plugged is known as _____________________.

[a] hardware

[b] port

[c] wall socket

[d] mother board


24. Computer system is applicable in the school system for the following except _____________________.

[a] employment of artisans

[b] typing of question papers

[c] recording of attendance and marks

[d] preparation of scores sheet


25. ldentify an operating system from the following software

[a] writer

[b] MS one note

[c] MS Access

[d] Linux


26. While typing a series of letters were highlighted and the keyboard combination “Ctrl + B“ was executed. The highlighted letters would be  _____________________ .

[a] underlined

[b] italicized

[c] deleted

[d] bold


27. Microprocessors was used as the main electronic component of the _____________________.

[a] 1st generation



[b] 3rd generation

[c] 2nd generation

[d] 4th generation


28. The ICT applicaion which helps to resolve road congestion at junctions is _____________________ .

[a] automatic teller machine

[b] automatic traffic marshal

[c] street light

[d] traffic light


29. _____________________ allows users to create websites and blogs and customize them with their own text, photos and movies.

[a] google maps

[b] web plus

[c] iWeb

[d] webpage


30. Which of the following is true about digital computers?

[a] they consist of magnetic core memory

[b] they are mainly used for scientific purposes

[c] they represent numbers through a string of binary digits .

[d] they recognize data as a continuous measurement of physical quantity.


31. Companies that provide internet access are referred to as _____________________ .

[a] fixed network operators

[b] network service providers

[c] internet service providers

[d] internet network operators


32. Which of the following is a secondary storage device?

[a] RAM

[b] bubble memory

[c] floopy disk



33. The advantages of electronic data processing including the following except _____________________.

[a] automatic processing

[b] hacking

[c] fast and reliable processing

[d] storage capacity


34. The exchange of information over a network follows a set of rules called _____________________ .

[a] tranmissions rules

[b] transfer rules

[c] channels

[d] protocols


35. A search engine is a _____________________ .

[a] program that searches engines



[b] hardware component of a computer

[c] computer engine that searches a database

[d] tool that searches the web


36. The _____________________ is a collection of web pages, just like a book with multiple pages.

[a] opera

[b] browser

[c] website

[d] protocol


37. In graphic packages, the process of removing unwanted part of an image is known as _____________________ .

[a] shaping

[b] resizing

[c] editing

[d] cropping


38. Routine checks operations on computers in order to ensure its continued functioning is known as computer _____________________.

[a] services

[b] repairs

[c] maintenance

[d] installation


39. You have opened your account on Gmail with Rocky as user name, your mail address would be _____________________.

[a] www.rockygmail@com

[b] rock.ygmail@com

[c] [email protected]



40. Relationships between tables in a relational model are created by _____________________ .

[a] foreign keys

[b] determinants

[c] composite key

[d] candidate keys


41. The process in which a relation is broken into smaller relations called _____________________ .

[a] fragmentation

[b] replication

[c] database

[d] middle ware


42. Which generation of computers made use of integrated circuits?

[a] Fourth



[b] Third

[c] Second

[d] First


43. The process of backing up, refers to the copying and archiving of computer data so it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event is called _____________________ .

[a] control access

[b] back ups

[c] security files

[c] application security


44. Computer virus cannot be transmitted by _____________________ .

[a] downloading files

[b] E – mail attachment

[c] Pen drives

[d] typing of keyboard


45. The moral principles that regulate the use of computers , its accessories and environment are called _____________________ .

[a] ethics

[b] conduct

[c] attiude

[d] appreciation


46. A computer professional who studies an existing system with the a view to evolving a computer – based system from it is _____________________ .

[a] system analyst

[b] system administrator

[c] computer programmer

[d] computer engineer


47. Data processed into its useful form is referred to as _____________________ .

[a] unique data

[b] raw data

[c] knowledge

[d] information


48. A _____________________ is a collection of data, usually stored disk.

[a] Entity

[b] organisation

[c] file

[d] cable


49. In word processing applications, the symbols B, I and U are commonly used button found on the _____________________ .

[a] standard toolbar

[b] menu bar



[c] formatting toolbar

[d] drawing toolbar


50. _____________________ is the use of software, hardware, and procedural methods to protect applications from external threats .

[a] data security

[b] application security

[c] data management

[d] applications files




Attempt any five questions in this section. 



a. What is a Computer?


b. Define computer software and hardware; Give examples.


c. Name 8 places where computer can be used


d. What are the benefits of a computer?



a. Differentiate Data security and database security.


b. State the importance of data security.


c. List 5 roles of a data base administrators.


d. Define Encryption.



a. Who is a computer professional?



b. List four computer professional and explain their duties.


c. State four qualities of computer professional.


d. Mention 5 professional bodies.



a. Define the following:

i. Database

ii. Database management.


b. State 5 examples of DBMS


c. List 3 uses of database management system.


d. What is microsoft access?



a. Define the term computer virus.


b. List five examples of computer virus.


c. State four sources through which a computer can be infected with a virus .


d. Mention 4 ways we can prevent computer from virus.



a. Define Networking.


b. Discuss three types of network .


c. What is the difference between internet and intranet?


d. List 5 resources shared on the network .



a. Explain Crash recovery.


b. Differentiate between media recovery and check pointing .


c. List step to clean DVD drive lens .


d. State the concepts of ARIES in crash recovery.



a. Define internet.


b. List six internet browsers


c. State three benefits and three abuses of internet.


d. Explain the following terms:

i. Cyber space



ii. Electronic mail

iii. Protocol

iv. Internet service provider