Third Term Examination Civic Education Kindergarten – KG (Age 5) – Exam Questions






Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. We need to respect our ___________.

[a] teacher

[b] stranger


2. We ___________ in the School.

[a] lear

[b] steal


3. Making noise in the church and mosque is bad.

[a] false

[b] true


4. Bad fruits can causes ___________.

[a] sickness

[b] joy


5. Orderliness means ___________.



[a] scattering anywhere

[b] arranging things in a proper way


6. Our pillow should be in the ________________

[a] sitting room

[b] bedroom


7. Conflict in the community bring peace.

[a] true

[b] false


8. Co – operation in the community brings ___________.

[a] unity

[b] hatred


9. We cook in the ___________.

[a] kitchen

[b] parlour


10. We sleep in the ___________.

[a] bedroom

[b] toilet


11. You must go to school very ___________.

[a] late

[b] early


12. Playing rough in the school is ___________.



[a] bad

[b] good


13. Rainbow has how many colour?

[a] seven

[b] two


14. A ___________ is where we live in.

[a] home

[b] dust bin


15. Responsibility is what we have to do.

[a] No

[b] Yes



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