Third Term Examination Civic Education Nursery 1 (Age 3) – Exam Questions








Answer the following questions. 


1. A safe environment is free of ______________.

[a] danger

[b] air


2. Christmas party and Naming ceremony are examples of social activities.

[a] Yes

[b] No


3. Child friendly environment is a place a child can play and be free.

[a] Yes

[b] No


4. Who are you?

[a] l am a boy

[b] l am a girl


5. Gender fairness means ______________.

[a] sex

[b] open


6. My father is a ______________.

[a] man

[b] woman


7. Special children are children that are physically disabled.

[a] Yes

[b] No


8. A deaf child needs ______________.



[a] money

[b] special care


9. l walk and play with my ______________.

[a] nose

[b] leg


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10. Nose is the organ for ______________.

[a] sleeping

[b] breathing and smelling


11. Forming bonds means making enemies.

[a] Yes

[b] No


12. Food, clothing are parts of a child needs.

[a] No

[b] Yes


13. ______________ is one of the parts of the body.

[a] ear

[b] book


14. ______________ kneel down to when greeting.



[a] Girl

[b] Boy


15. Is it good to fight with your classmate.

[a] No

[b] Yes



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