Third Term Examination Civic Education Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions Volume 1 and 2



INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options A – C. 

1. _____ are virtues and character traits which help the growth and development of a country

(a) Culture

(b) Element

(c) Civic values


2. Nigeria has _____ ethnic groups.

(a) 7

(b) 3

(c) 9


3. These are ways of being a citizen except _____.

(a) communication

(b) birth

(c) naturalization


4. Pressure group influences government policy through _____.

(a) protest

(b) strike

(c) all listed


5. _____ keeps government more responsive to the wishes of the citizens.

(a) Pressure group

(b) Police

(c) Government


6. ASUU means _____.

(a) Academic Staff United of Universities

(b) Academic Staff Unity of Universities

(c) Academic Staff Union of Universities


7. _____ means knowing how to treat people well at all times.

(a) Disloyalty

(b) Comfortability

(c) Manner


8. These are good values except _____.

(a) respect

(b) covertness

(c) kindness


9. _____ means telling the truth.

(a) Honesty

(b) Love

(c) Respect


10. We must live in _____ with one another.

(a) grudge

(b) quarrel

(c) peace


11. _____ is when there is no war.

(a) War

(b) Peace

(c) Culture


12. Social injustice leads ______.

(a) crisis

(b) stability

(c) peace


13. These are human rights except access to _____.

(a) education

(b) shelter

(c) killing


14. These are social injustice except _____.

(a) ethnicity

(b) gender discrimination

(c) all listed


15. The Nigeria national motto is _____.

(a) Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress

(b) Unity and Fact, Peace and Progress

(c) Unity and Faith, Pace and Progress



INSTRUCTION – Attempt all the questions in this section. 

1. Define pressure group.

2. Write out 3 advantages of pressure group.

3. What are values?

4. Give 4 examples of values.

5. Define peace.

6. Mention 3 values that promote peace.

7. What is social injustice?

8. List out 4 unfair practices in Nigeria.

9. What is tolerance?




INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options A – C. 

1. _____ is moral or legal responsibilities.

[a] Duty

[b] Contract

[c] Power


2. _____ is one of the duties of children at home.

[a] Fighting

[b] Running errands

[c] Causing trouble


3. A good citizen should perform his duties and obligation _____.

[a] forcefully

[b] anyhow

[c] willingly


4. When citizens fail to pay taxes, government would have enough to spend.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Not sure


5. _____ are groups which influence government decisions.

[a] Political parties

[b] Government parties

[c] Pressure group


6. What is the full meaning of NLC?

[a] Nigeria Labour Congress

[b] Nigeria Labour Communication

[c] Nigeria Labour Community


7. _____ is a way of pressure groups makes their intention known to the government.

[a] Protest

[b] Dinning with the government

[c] Praising government


8. _____ is a government of the people by the people and for the people.

[a] Pressure group

[b] Political party

[c] Democracy


9. A civil society works _____ of the people.

[a] for the welfare

[b] against the welfare

[c] for the failure


10. One of the disadvantages of pressure group is that they are sometimes used by political opponent to _____ the government.

[a] praise

[b] blackmail

[c] appreciate


11. Which of these is a right attitude to work?

[a] Laziness

[b] Delay and postponement

[c] Success


12. Which of these agencies is in charge of natural disasters in Nigeria?

[a] EFCC

[b] NEMA

[c] WHO


13. A disaster is _____.

[a] a good happening

[b] great or sudden misfortune

[c] good news


14. There are _____ arms of government.

[a] 8

[b] 15

[c] 3


15. _____ is concerned with goodness or badness of human character or behaviour.

[a] Moral

[b] Characterization

[c] Status

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INSTRUCTION – Attempt all question in this section. 

1. State 4 duties of pupils in a school.

2. Explain four things that will happen if the citizens of a country do not perform their duties.

3. What is social justice?

4. List 4 things pressure group want from government.

5. Write 3 disadvantages of Laziness.

6. What is civil society organization?

7. State 4 characteristics of civil society organization.

8. What is moral education?

9. List 4 four importance of moral education.

10. Define work.

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