Third Term Examination English Studies and Compositions Primary 2 (Basic 2) – Exam Questions








Once upon a time, there lived a man called Okoro in Imeke village. He was very poor farmer but respectful. One day, on his way home, he met an old woman carrying a heavy load on her head.

He helped the woman with her load and the woman helped him in return by giving him a success key which made him the richest man in the village.



a. Who was a poor farmer?

b. What is the name of Okoro village?



c. Who did Okoro meet on his way home?

d. What did the woman give to Okoro?

e. What happened to Okoro after then?




Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. __________ you close the door yesterday.

[a] Did

[b] Does

[c] Didn’t


2. My mother __________ a big dog for me yesterday.

[a] buy

[b] buying

[c] bought


3. Did you __________ your aunt.

[a] visited



[b] visiting

[c] visit


4. This is my grandma, l love __________.

[a] him

[b] her

[c] she


5. Please __________ me the bag.

[a] given

[b] gave

[c] give


6. ____________ are you taking to?

[a] Where

[b] Who

[c] What


7. __________ way should l take?

[a] Where

[b] Which

[c] When


8. Goats are __________ animals.

[a] domestic

[b] wild

[c] foreign


9. l am as __________ as my sister.

[a] taller



[b] tall

[c] tallest


10. The farmer has ten __________.

[a] goat

[b] goated

[c] goats


11. My mother is getting __________.

[a] good

[b] better

[c] best


12. He is as __________ as a bull.

[a] strong

[b] strongest

[c] stronger


13. My family __________ maize.

[a] grows

[b] raises

[c] breeds


14. l __________ travel tomorrow.

[a] would



[b] shall

[c] for


15. The book is __________ the table.

[a] under

[b] inside

[c] over


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Attempt all questions. 

1. Change the verb form to the correct one. 

A. l have __________ my home work,  (do).

B. He __________ in the river yesterday,  (swim).

C. Ade __________ in the church on Sunday, (sing).

D. My father __________ in an aeroplane to London, (fly).


2. Choose the correct answer: taken, drank, steal, did, done 

A. Who ____________ the water in my cap?

B. Did you ______________ the meat from the pot?



C. Have you _______________ your bath?

D. With whom _________ you travel?

E. How could you have ____________ that.


3. Word opposite 

A. Beautiful __________

B. Long __________

C. Clean __________

D. Laugh __________


4. Family members

a. Your mother’s sister or father is your __________.

b. Your father’s wife is your __________.

c. __________ is your parents mother to you.

d. My uncle’s and my aunt’s child is my __________.

e. My parents male child is my __________.


5. Expressing comparison

A. Hot __________  hottest.

B. __________   bigger __________



C. __________  __________ longest

D. Small __________ __________

E. __________  younger __________



Part 1 – A KITCHEN

Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. Every home has a __________.

[a] market

[b] zoo

[c] kitchen


2. A kitchen is a place where foods are __________.

[a] sent

[b] prepared

[c] cooker


3. A __________ are used to wash the dirty plates.

[a] soap and sand

[b] kettle and pot

[c] soap and sponge


4. A __________ is used to cut vegetables.

[a] knife



[b] biro

[c] basket


5. A stove or __________ can be found in a kitchen.

[a] laptop

[b] gas cooker

[c] firewood


6. A __________ is the container used for cooking.

[a] ball

[b] plate

[c] pot


7. Foodstuffs like __________ can be kept in a kitchen.

[a] net

[b] wardrobe

[c] container


8. Some materials found in a kitchen are __________ and __________.

[a] spoon and plate

[b] broom and rake

[c] hut and car


9. A kitchen can be __________ metres long.

[a] 20



[b] 7

[c] 15


10. It is good to always keep the kitchen __________.

[a] dirty

[b] clean

[c] scatter


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Attempt all questions. 

1. A __________ is an electronic devices.

2. A __________ is an Insect.

3. A __________ makes good clothes for people.



4. __________ is the seventh day of the week.

5. My place of worship is __________.