Third Term Examination Physical and Health Education JSS 3 (Basic 9) – Mock Exam Questions









Attempt all the questions. 

1. Physical Education is _____________.


2. UNICEF MEANS _____________.


3. One scope of PHE is _____________.

{a} singing

{b} clapping

{c} aquatic

{d} dancing


4 Popularly, it is said that heath is _____________.


5 Development of skills in PHE include all except _____________.

{a} walking

{b} talking

{c} jumping

{d} riding


6 A drug addict is _____________.


7 Physical fitness is _____________.


8 In physical fitness, skill related components also means _____________.


9 One way of taking safety precaution during sports is _____________.


10 Detreminants of health include all except _____________.

{a} hereditary



{b} behavior

{c} environment

{d} life style


11 Community health is _____________.


12 Vitamin BC means _____________.


13 Lack of iron causes _____________.


14. School health program is _____________.


15 Non-contact sports here is _____________.

{a} football

{b} wrestling

{c} table tennis

{d} handball


16 The basic skills in contact sports include the following except _____________.

{a} throwing

{b} drawing

{c} hoping

{d} catching


17 _____________ is an agent that causes disease.

{a} virus

{b} pathogens

{c} bacteria

{d} worms


18 Contact sports means _____________.


19 Multi- cellular organism is _____________.


20 _____________ is the smallest particles of living things ever found.

{a} bacteria



{b} virus

{c} protozoa

{d} nematode


21 Insomnia means _____________.


22 The science of food is _____________.

{a} vitamin

{b} protein

{c} nutrient

{d} nutrition


23 Another name for red blood cell is _____________.


24 Lack of vitamin c causes _____________.

{a} rickets

{b} scurvy

{c} beriberi

{d} goiter


25 Recreational activities means _____________.


26 The above is classified into _____________.


27 Athletics are classified into _____________.


28 One of the following is a field event _____________.

{a} shot put



{b} javelin

{c} handball

{d} discus


29 Short distance races are known also as _____________.


30 Field events means _____________.


31 Find the odd one among the following.

{a} 75m

{b} 100m

{c} 1500m

{d} 200m


32 First aid means _____________.


33 The odd one among the following is _____________.

{a} shotput

{b} javelin

{c} running

{d} jumping


34 Competitor is also known as _____________.


35 How many types of jump do we have?

{a} 2

{b} 3

{c} 4

{d} 5


36 Who was the founding father of volleyball?


37 The number of players in hockey is _____________

{a} 8

{b} 10

{c} 12

{d} 14


38 A good example of non- communicable disease is _____________.

{a} chicken pox



{b} asthma

{c} tuberculosis

{d} measles


39 Athletics consisting of ten tracks and field events is _____________.

{a} pentathlon

{b} decathlon

{c} hepathlon

{d} sports events


40 Scoring the events means _____________.


41 Career in sports include all except _____________.

{a} coaching

{b} teaching PHE

{C} library research

{d} recording


42 An adolescent is _____________.


43 _____________ is the primary female sex hormone.


44 Sport psychology means _____________.


45 Basic swimming styles do not include _____________.

{a} crawl

{b} breast stroke

{c} diving

{d} butterfly


46 Disease control is _____________.


47 HIV/AIDS cannot be controlled by _____________.


48 Taekwando originated from _____________.


49 PLWHA means _____________.


50 Basic techniques in boxing include all except _____________.

{a} jab



{b} cross

{c} struck

{d} hook



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