Third Term Examination Social Studies JSS 2 (Basic 2) – Exam Questions





JSS 2 (BASIC 2) 




Answer all questions. 


1. The process of getting information or message across to people either verbally or non-verbally is referred to as _____________.

(a) amalgamation

(b) news

(c) media

(d) communication


2. _____________ is the means of moving goods and passengers from one place to another using a means of carriage.

(a) Trafficking

(b) Information

(c) Communication

(d) Transportation


3. A kind of gang behavior in our tertiary institutions in Nigeria is called _____________.

(a) gangsterism

(b) ogboni

(c) religion

(d) cultism


4. One of these is not a component of social studies.

(a) Anthropology



(b) Economics

(c) Basic science

(d) Government


5. Those raw materials used for the development of the society are called _____________.

(a) risorces

(b) reasources

(c) recources

(d) resources


6. The economy of any nation determines to a large extent, her survival and sustainability, in terms of development. What concept is being talked about here?

(a) Aggression

(b) Industry

(c) Mining

(d) Savings


7. The knowledge which is gained by observing things in detail, testing and recording these observations is referred to as _____________.

(a) technology

(b) hypothesis

(c) theory

(d) science


8. There can be science without technology, but there cannot be technology without science.

(a) Not true



(b) Not sure

(c) Ask the teacher

(d) True


9. An electric appliance that uses electro-magnetic energy to heat and cook food is _____________.

(a) electric iron

(b) blender

(c) refrigerator

(d) electric oven


10. Any food or liquid/drugs that is unfit for human consumption is called _____________.

(a) sniper

(b) rotten foods

(c) infested foods

(d) harmful substances


11. The threat on an individual without carrying out the action is called _____________.


12. An individual who takes drugs without the doctor’s prescription is a/an _____________.


13. The preservation of things that are not immediately needed till a later time is _____________.



14. The ability of an individual to readily adjust to different situations is called _____________.


15. Among the five pillars of islam are _____________, _____________, _____________, etc.


16. _____________ is an adornment commonly used, but more common with women.


17. A marriage of one woman to two or men is termed _____________.


18. ATM as a banking item simply means _____________.


19. Goods that are not legally allowed into or outside the country are called _____________.


20. The exercise of boldness in carrying out a given task in a particular situation of life is simply referred to as _____________.




Answer four questions in all.

Question one is compulsory.



A. Define the term ‘science and technology’.



B. With regards to science and technology, what do you understand by home appliances?

C. Is there any difference between science and technology? Discuss.

D. List seven home appliances and three dangers of wrong usage of home appliances.



A. What are social issues?

B. State five examples of social issues in Nigeria.

C. In what four ways can HIV/AIDS be spread?



A. What is saving?

B. What are the forms of savings? Explain convincingly?



A. Define the word ‘Resources’.

B. In a tabular format, state four raw materials and their uses.



A. What is transportation?



B. Discuss on the means of transportation with respect to both the olden and modern methods.



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