Exam Questions – First Term Examination Christian Religious Studies Primary 3 (Basic 3)






INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions. 




Answer all the questions in this section. 


Choose the correct answer from the options: 

1. _______________ obeyed the commandment of God.

[a] Satan

[b] Pharaoh

[c] Abraham


2. Abraham is a man after _______________ heart.

[a] Mose’s

[b] God’s

[c] Satan’s


3. A _______________ was hung on the stick in the wilderness.

[a] goat

[b] serpent

[c] flag


4. _______________ prayed to God on behalf of the lsrealites.

[a] Paul

[b] Judas

[c] Moses


5. “For God so love the world that he gave His only begotten son“ is found _______________.

[a] John 3:14

[b] John 3:15

[c] John 3:16


6. _______________ mean God with us.

[a] Jesus

[b] Emmanuel

[c] Christ



7. The Egyptians perished in the _______________.

[a] village

[b] red sea

[c] field


8. Where did God call Abraham?

[a] London

[b] India

[c] Haran


9. Did God fulfil his promises to Abraham through Jacob?

[a] yes

[b] No

[c] No idea


10. Whom did God use to deliver Israelite from Egypt?

[a] Joshua

[b] Moses

[c] Aron


11. Passover means _______________.

[a] offering

[b] sacrifice

[c] prayer


12. Serpent bite the lsrealites because they _______________.

[a] praise God

[b] Laugh

[c] complained


13. During Passover God told children of lsreal to kill _______________.

[a] snake

[b] sheep or lamb

[c] rat



14. Whom did God promise to become father of many nation?

[a] Adam

[b] Abraham

[c] Daniel


15. These are precept of Passover except _______________.

[a] Eat it haste

[b] No stranger should eat from it

[c] buying the blood from the market




Attempt all the questions in this section. 


1. Mention 4 promises of God to Abraham:

i. ______________________________

ii. ______________________________

iii. ______________________________

iv. ______________________________


2. State 3 precept of Passover:

i. ______________________________

ii. ______________________________

iii. ______________________________



3. Write out the 3 gift presented to Jesus when he was born and who brought the gifts:

i. ______________________________

ii. ______________________________

iii. ______________________________


4. Who was the person God use to lead lsrealite to the promise land?



b. How did God instructed the lsrealite to use the blood of the lamb?



5. The announcement of the Lord’s coming is found in _______________.



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