First Term Examination Verbal Reasoning Primary 6 (Basic 6) – Exam Questions





INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions. 





Answer the questions in this section. 


Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. A man who serves food in the restaurant is called ……………………

[a] captain

[b] chef

[c] cobbler


2. Underline the word that sound like DEER

[a] rear

[b] dear

[c] shame


3. Which word can be formed from rearranging the letter BATTLE

[a] report

[b] bygone

[c] tablet


4. Success and happiness ; Failure and ……………………..

[a] sadness

[b] celebration

[c] pass


5. Activity of counting of people in a country is called ………………….

[a] numbering

[b] epidemic

[c] census


6. Opposite of wide is ……………………………

[a] broad

[b] narrow

[c] large


7. Which word similar in meaning to this word surplus?

[a] shortage

[b] abundant

[c] scarcity



8. Re – arrange these words alphabetical order

i. Singing

ii. spelling

iii. small

IV. snow


[a] 1, 2, 3, 4

[b] 4, 3, 2, 1

[c] 1, 3, 4, 2


Choose the correct letter from the options to end the first word and then begin the second word;

9. M u s e u ( __ ) a r r i a g e

[a] k

[b] m

[c] p


10. E n c o r a g ( __ ) l e p h a n t

[a] n

[b] a

[c] e


11. Room and bed; Library and _____________.

[a] book

[b] wood

[c] pot


12. Danger, endanger; Circle , encircle; Feeble, _____________.

[a] enfeeble

[b] feebly

[c] feel


Read the following sentences carefully and decided how true they are circle in 13 – 15.

A. If a sentence is always true;

B. lf a sentence is often but not always true

C. lf a sentence is never true

D. lf it is impossible to say. How true a sentence is.


13. There are seven days in a week.







14. In a war red stands for peace while white stands for danger.






15. People with big head are selfish.







Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. C O N G L O M E R A T E = A C D E G C R Y P N Z Y

a. G N Z Y means __________________

b. R Y D Z C P means __________________

c. A C D E C means __________________

d. E N R Y means __________________

e. R A T E means __________________


2. Read the following sentences carefully and decide which should come first, second and third, Circle the correct option.

i. It keeps you healthy

ii. If you are good at it, you can take in competitions

iii. Swimming is very good for you

Sample = 321


a. =

i. While I was going to the market

ii . I helped him to cross the road

iii. I saw an old man


b. =

i. They all played afterwards

ii. Saturday was a very busy morning

iii. The children washed their clothes and plates =



c. =

i. Peculiar came late to school

ii. Mr Effiong punished peculiar

iii. Mr Effiong was angry with peculiar =


3. Re arrange these words in alphabetical order

a. Potter         Pressure        Pastor         Put

b. Pray            Propose         Predict        Primary

c. Announce   Account         Apology     Aunty

d. Daikon         Daily               Dainty         Daisy


4. Complete these similes.

a. As fierce as _______________

b. As light as ________________

c. As green as ________________

d. As meek as ________________


5. Give the group name of each of the following:

a. Lagos  Sokoto   Kaduna   Enugu ___________________

b. Pen   Eraser   Book   Ink ___________________

c. Stool   Chair   Desk   Table ____________________

d. Teaching   Banking   Nursing   Engineering _____________________