First Term Examination Computer Studies – Information Technology (Primary 4) Basic 4







INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions. 




Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. _______________ devices are used to send information into the computer.

[a] output

[b] input

[c] sending


2. _______________ is not an element of art.

[a] colour

[b] texture

[c] constitution


3. One major aspect of design is _______________.

[a] democracy

[b] graphics

[c] graph


4. A _______________ is a manual machine that receives and processes data

[a] Robot

[b] computer

[c] Motor car


5. _______________ is part of the computer that cannot be seen, felt and touched.

[a] software

[b] hardware

[c] spirit ware

6. _______________ is an input device.

[a] printer

[b] keyboard

[c] UPS



7. Which of these is not a computer?

[a] fuel dispenser

[b] speedometer

[c] car


8. A machine that is used to print out information on a computer is called _______________.

[a] telescope

[b] thermometer

[c] printer


9. Computer is not used for _______________.

[a] calculation

[b] typing

[c] dancing


10. Out devices are used to _______________ information from computer.

[a] walk

[b] retrieve

[c] destroy


11. The monitors looks like a _______________.

[a] telephone

[b] textbook

[c] television


12. The monitor is the part of a computer that _______________ data or information.

[a] processes

[b] destroys

[c] shows


13. Which of these is not an advantage of using a computer

[a] accuracy

[b] speed

[c] wasting information



14. Computer is used for the following except

[a] typing letters

[b] playing games

[c] singing


15. The physical part of a computer is _______________.

[a] peopleware

[b] software

[c] hardware




Attempt all questions


1. What is computer?




b. List 4 importance of computer:

i. _________________________

ii. _________________________

iii. _________________________

iv. _________________________



c. Write the full meaning of the following:

i. RAM __________________________________________________

ii. CPU __________________________________________________

2. Define Printer. __________________________________________________.


b. Mention 3 types of printer:

i. _________________________

ii. _________________________

iii. _________________________


3. Define storage devices.



b. List 4 examples of storage device:

i. _________________________

ii. _________________________

iii. _________________________

iv. _________________________


4. Define monitor. _________________________________________________.


b. State the uses of monitor:





5. Write 4 external feature of system unit and 4 internal features.

i. _________________________

ii. _________________________

iii. _________________________

iv. _________________________