First Term Examination Home Economics Basic 7 (JSS 1)









Answer all Questions 


1. The area of home economics that deals with using what the family has to get what it needs is called _______________.

(a) economics

(b) home knowledge

(c) home care

(d) home management


2. All the following are true except _______________.

(a) wise buying-consumer

(b) family relation-family living

(c) furniture-interior decoration

(d) textile-child care


3. One of the following is not a member of the group.

(a) baby-sitter

(b) model

(c) designer

(d) tailor


4. A social worker provides help to families with _______________.

(a) problems

(b) homes

(c) jobs

(d) no children


5. The organ for testing is the _______________.

(a) hair

(b) eyes

(c) tongue

(d) skin


6. Which of the following is also important for balance?

(a) skin

(b) nose

(c) eye

(d) ear


7. Sweat is produced in the skin by _______________.

(a) dermis

(b) sweat pore

(c) sweat gland

(d) oil glands



8. The set of teeth located in the centre of the front of the jaw are the _______________.

(a) incisors

(b) canines

(c) premolars

(d) molars


9. All are structure of nails except _______________.

(a) nail crescent

(b) nail plate

(c) nail bed

(d) nail table


10. The nose consists of muscles, skin and _______________.

(a) membrane

(b) cartilage

(c) nail

(d) lens


11. One of the following does not belong to the group.

(a) shampoo

(b) oil

(c) conditional

(d) brush


12. It is best to brush the teeth _______________.

(a) away to the gum

(b) away on the gum

(c) away from the gum

(d) towards the gum


13. Which of the following is not a skin injury?

(a) cuts

(b) bruise

(c) stings

(d) ringworm


14. The tool for filing and shaping the nails is _______________.

(a) nail buffer

(b) nail polish

(c) nail stick

(d) emery board


15. When the feet is constantly wet, bacteria and fungi can grow in between the toes causing _______________.

(a) calluses

(b) corn

(c) athlete’s foot

(d) watery foot



16. The major centre of the body are _______________.

(a) five

(b) three

(c) four

(d) two


17. Keeping the natural balance of the body aligned is called _______________.

(a) rest

(b) relaxation

(c) posture

(d) exercise


18. A physical or mental dependence on continued use of drug is called _______________.

(a) medication

(b) therapy

(c) addiction

(d) consumption


19. Fatigue is _______________.

(a) work

(b) exercise

(c) routine

(d) tiredness


20. The act of relaxing without sleeping is …………………………………………….

(a) fatigue

(b) sleep

(c) rest

(d) health


21. Overwork/working too much can lead to _______________.


22. _______________ and _______________ are types of aerobic exercises.


23. _______________ and _______________ are types of foot wears.


24. Skin injury caused by _______________ is burns.



25. Comb is a material used in caring for the _______________.



Section B – Theory

Answer any four in all.


1a. List five (5) home economics subjects.

1b. State two career/job opportunities in

I. food and nutrition

II. clothing and textiles


2a. List any five (5) parts of the eye

2b. Write ten (10) parts of the human body.


3a. Write out five (5) cares of the eye.

3b. List two (2) common skin diseases

3c. _______________ is a process of caring for the hand and finger nails.


4a. There are three types of exercises. Mention them.

4b. Give one example for each type of exercise mentioned above.

4c. What is exercise?


5a. State any five reasons for the importance of rest and sleep.



5b. Mention any four (4) ways of treating fatigue.