Second Term Examination Security Education Basic 4






Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. Security agents __________________ lives and property.

[a] destroy

[b] protect

[c] remark

2. These are security agencies in Nigeria expect __________________.

[a] Nigerian Army

[b] Nigerian ports authority

[c] Nigeria Air force

3. Security agent can be known through __________________.

[a] badge[b] shoe

[c] hair

4, Security agencies have __________________ mode of dressing.

[a] temporary

[b] uniform

[c] duty

5. The NSCDC is a semi __________________.

[a] man

[b] force

[c] rich

6. Another name for SSS is __________________.

[a] DSS

[b] MON

[c] FRSC

7. The SSS are __________________ agencies.

[a] dull

[b] feared

[c] intelligent

8. The following are examples of hard drug expect __________________.

[a] cocaine

[b] sugar

[c] heroine

9. LASTMA and FRSC are security agencies responsible for what?

[a] road spoilage

[b] road collapse

[c] road safety

10. The Nigeria police force are __________________ that maintain law and order.

[a] gang

[b] security agencies

[c] group

11. The trouser of Nigeria police force is __________________.

[a] red

[b] green

[c] black

12. We should avoid __________________ with stranger.

[a] reporting

[b] dancing

[c] interacting

13. Do not collect __________________ from stranger.

[a] money

[b] information

[c] secret

14. Nigeria army defends the country on __________________.

[a] land

[b] air

[c] water

15. Nigeria air force officer will fly __________________.

[a] boat

[b] bus

[c] helicopter


Attempt all questions

1. What is the full meaning of SSS?


b. Write 2 functions of SSS.

I. ____________________________________

II. ____________________________________

2. Give the full meaning of the following NAFDAC and NDLEA..

NAFDAC ___________________________________________________________

NDLEA _____________________________________________________________

b. Write one function of the each.


3. Write 2 functions of Nigeria police and federal road safety Corps.

I. __________________________________________________________________

II. __________________________________________________________________

4. What is security agencies?


b. Write 2 ways in which one can identify security agent.

I. __________________________________________________________________

II. __________________________________________________________________

5. Explain Nigeria Police.


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