Third Term Examination English Studies and Compositions Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions








There was a certain island in the sea, on which lived an old man whose name was prospero and his daughter miranda. They lived in a house made out of a rock. It was divided into several parts, one of which prospero called labi.

There he kept his book, which briefly treated magic and the knowledge of his art. Prospero by the power of his art set free many good spirit that witch sycorax had shut up in the bodies of large trees, because they had refused to do his wicked commands. These gentle spirits were ever after obedient the will of prospero. Ariel was the chief.




A. Where did the old man live?

B. What was the name of the old man?



C. Who was his companion where he lived?

D. Prospero’s chief obedient spirit was ________________.

E. Describe prospero’s house.




 Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. A group of words that contain a finite verb is called _________.

[a] letter

[b] phrase

[c] clause


2. The people _________ shocked when they saw gunfire.

[a] is

[b] was

[c] were


3. The secret password of my saving account is know only _________. me and my parents.

[a] from



[b] with

[c] to


4. The workers are _________ our house.

[a] paint

[b] painting

[c] painted


5. He sings _________ than me.

[a] badly

[b] worse

[c] worst


6. Alaba works _________ than Adamu.

[a] more careful

[b] most careful

[c] more carefully


7. If she had listened to us, she _________ be in this trouble.

[a] mightn’t

[b] shouldn’t

[c] wouldn’t


8. Before we continue, we need _________ a leader.

[a] electing

[b] elected

[c] to elect


9. The man screamed _________ pain and ran _________ of the room.

[a] with , into



[b] with , out

[c] in, out


10. They were _________ free tickets to the concerts.

[a] put on

[b] grow back

[c] giving out


11. Don’t worry about your bad hair cut, your hair will _________.

[a] pin down

[b] giving out

[c] grow back


12. They are going to _________ this road. It is too narrow.

[a] wide

[b] widen

[c] widen


13. Lantana was not feeling well. She _________ fever for two days.

[a] has

[b] had

[c] have


14. He learnt to hunt from a _________ natives who lived in the jungle.

[a] tribe



[b] galaxy

[c] create


15. It has _________ by our headmasters.

[a] being observing

[b] being observed

[c] been observed




Attempt all questions in this section.

1. Use the words: Who, which or when.

A. That is the man _________ his house burnt down.

B. In Nigeria we have laws _________ they protect freedom of the press.

C. A scorpion is an insect _________ stings

D. l was not at home _________ the policemen came

E. Let’s find the house _________ kunle built


2. Use these linking word to complete these sentences: although, because or but

A. The dog has big teeth _________ he is very gentle.

B. We got lost _________ he wouldn’t ask for direction.



C. The rain came too late _________ the crops produced a good harvest.

D. He died _________ he was not treated on time.

E. She would have been kidnapped _________ for the timely arrival of the police.


3. Complete the sentences with phrasal verbs. Choose from the patcho below: go out, go in, switch on, come in, cope with.

A. Let’s _________ of the classroom for exercise.

B. It is raining boys, lets _________.

C. The room is hot _________ the fan.

D. Dayo _________ his father in everything he does.

E. Please _________, the room has been set for you.


4. Use the following words to build sentences.

A. Congratulation

B. Anniversary



C. Encouragement

D. Stethoscope

E. Surgeon


5. Change these passive sentences with out agent

a. Segun killed a cat

b. My mother bought a house

c. The teacher explained the topic.

d. Bola is cooking yam

e. Chidima kicked the ball.






Choose one questions from each part.

Part A 

1. Write a composition about my school.

2. Write a composition on girls are more useful in the family.


Part B

3. Write a “ Thank you “ letter to your friend who attended your birthday party with a surprise gifts.



4. Descriptive Essay about a soil.



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