Third Term Examination Home Economics JSS 1 (Basic 7) – Exam Questions








Answer all questions. 

1. The act of joining two or more clothes together is called ___________.

(a) sewing

(b) stitches

(c) joining

(d) tackling


2. The simplest and most commonly used seam is ___________.

(a) French seam

(b) open seam

(c) run and fall seam

(d) overlaid seam


3. ___________ are various materials. Objects and items used in the home.

(a) Home gadgets

(b) Home things

(c) Home articles

(d) Home parties


4. ___________ is an example of house hold craft.

(a) Tie and dye



(b) Hair fixing

(c) Teaching

(d) Knitted caps


5. The period which lies between the end of childhood and adulthood is called ___________.

(a) puberty

(b) adolescence

(c) boyhood

(d) man hood


6. The age of puberty in boys and girls is ___________.

(a) the same

(b) different

(c) prolonged

(d) certain


7. The monthly flow of blood through the vagina in every woman of child bearing age is called ___________.

(a) puberty

(b) menstruation

(c) womanhood

(d) adulthood


8. Human immune deficiency virus causes ___________.

(a) AIDS

(b) syphilis

(c) malaria

(d) tuberculosis


9. One of these is not a sexually transmitted diseases.

(a) AIDS

(b) Syphilis

(c) Malaria

(d) HIV


10. The process where a person prescribes a drug for self is called self ___________.

(a) discipline



(b) injection

(c) protection

(d) medication


11. Freedom and benefits that are guaranteed to people by law are called ___________.

(a) bills

(b) rights

(c) responsibilities

(d) needs


12. Entertainment is a way of building good ___________ among people.

(a) class

(b) health

(c) relationship

(d) respect


13. A female who entertains is referred to as ___________.

(a) host

(b) hostess

(c) waitress

(d) worker


14. In which of the following meal services do guest help themselves to the food?

(a) Tray services

(b) Buffet services

(c) Formal service

(d) Family life services


15. Invitation of formal parties is best given by ___________.

(a) telephone

(b) verbal communication

(c) oral communication

(d) card


16. ___________ is a disease that cannot be cured.


17. The two types of stitches are ___________ and ___________.


18. ___________ is an example of n house hold craft.



19. Receiving ___________ in homes and giving them food is called ___________.


20. HIV/AIDS cannot be contacted through ___________.


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Answer all questions. 


A. What are home made crafts?

B. Give five examples of home made crafts.



A. What is puberty?

B. Give three signs of puberty in boys.

C. List four signs of puberty in girls.



A. Define adolescence and list three challenges that occur during this period.



B. List seven human rights you know.



A. What are the cause/ ways HIV/AIDS can be spread.

B. Enumerate five ways it cannot be contacted.

C. Mention three ways it can be prevented.



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