First Term Examination Verbal Reasoning Primary 4 (Basic 4) – Exam Questions

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INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions. 




Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

[a] 21

[b] 6

[c] 26


2. The letters are grouped as vowel and ________________.

[a] alphabet

[b] numeral

[c] consonant


3. The last letter of GOOD is the ________________ letter of the alphabet.

[a] 24th

[b] 14th

[c] 04th


Choose the opposites from the brackets

4. White – ________________

[a] Green

[b] Blue

[c] Black


5. Sharp – ________________

[a] Blunt

[b] Big

[c] Thin


Choose a word that is similar in to each of the words

6. Friend – ________________

[a] Family

[b] Youth

[c] Pal




7. Wonder – ________________

[a] Surprise

[b] Match

[c] Marvel


8. How many vowels are there in Teacher?

[a] 2

[b] 4

[c] 3


9. The last five letter of AEROPLANE from the word ________________.

[a] plant

[b] plain

[c] plane


10. The seventh letter after A is ________________.

[a] H

[b] I

[c] F


11. By combining the first letter, thirteen and twenty fifth letters, from a word which is a name of month of a year.

[a] Jan

[b] Mar

[c] May


12. ________________ is the first letter of consonant.

[a] C

[b] A

[c] B


13. Which letter is mid way in the consonant?

[a] M

[b] N

[c] O




14. Which word is similar to help?

[a] Generous

[b] Aid

[c] Take


15. How many vowels are there in the tenth month of the year?

[a] Five

[b] Two

[c] Ten




Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. Match correctly and make compound words:

a. Foot                                              Quarter

b. Water                                            Side

c. Bomb                                            Room

d. Class                                             Shell

e. Head Ball                                      Football


2. Arrange these word in alphabetical order :

a. Man, Cold, Bold, Small


b. Come, Before, Find, Teacher





c. Tree, Day, Birth, Queen


d. Chair, Table, Poem, Under



3. Re – arrange the letter of each of the word printed in bold letters to mean what is explained in front of each of them.


TAN : A small insect ANT

a. ARE : The organ of hearing _______________

b. NOW: The past tense of win _______________

c. TAR: A small gnawing animal _______________

d. LIVE: What is bad or harm _______________


4. Form a word by re – arranging each of the letters printed in capital

Example “T C A – CAT”

a. SWDOR – _______________

b. EADL – _______________

c. ATME – _______________

d. NLAI – _______________

e. AER – _______________


5. Give a word similar in meaning to each of the following:

a. Famous – _______________

b. Beautiful – _______________




c. Above – _______________

d. ill – _______________