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Last week my class went on a school visit to Lagos University Teaching Hospital ( LUTH). The hospital is very large. We were shown around by a female doctor, Dr. Bukola, She looked smart in a white coat with a stethoscope around her neck. She showed us the rooms where doctors treat patients.

When someone comes to hospital, doctor first look at the symptoms of the patient, then they decide what medicine or treatment the patient needs. The hospital has many large rooms called wards, that have many beds. Patients sleep in the wards when they are ill to go home. These are seperate wards for males and females.

Some of the patients are on a drip. A drip is a plastic bottle that is held by a drip stand. The bottle contain fluids including water, glucose and sometimes medicines. These flow from the bottle through a tube into patients arm. Dr. Bukola explained that a patient who is too sick to eat normal food needs a drip. These are different sections in the hospital. Surgical operations take place in the operating theatre. The doctors who perform operations are called surgeons. These is a maternity ward for pregnant women and women who just gave birth.

There is also children’s wards where doctors and nurses can treat sick children.



1. What Job does wura’s mother do?

2. Who was not careful enough?

3. Who was more careful?

4. Do you know what happen to mr. Awoola?

5. Do you share pins, blades, needle and barbing clippers?



Attempt all questions. 


6. I __________________ see you tomorrow or next week.

[a] would

[b] shall

[c] ought


7. Which of these words has correct spelling:

[a] height

[b] heigth

[c] heigthe


8. There is __________________ in the room.

[a] some one



[b] anyone

[c] anything


9. The players are preparing __________________ for the match.

[a] oneself

[b] herself

[c] themselves


10. Parent should show __________________ to the children.

[a] kindness

[b] hatred

[c] fight


11. This is the book __________________ I bought yesterday.

[a] who

[b] when

[c] that


12. She is …………….. religious than her sister.

[a] more

[b] most

[c] than


13. The family went to the hilltop __________________.

[a] by helicopter

[b] in a cable car

[c] by road


14. The book is __________________ the table.

[a] in

[b] out

[c] on


15. Lace materials are __________________ then Ankara.

[a] more expensive



[b] most expensive

[c] expensive





1. Complete the exercise with the correct adverbs from the italic shamelessly, sweetly, carefully, dutifully, wonderfully, peacefully

a. The bird sang __________________.

b. Bintu and bello fought __________________ on the street.

c. Christians and Muslims should live together __________________.

d. Mr bako carried the eggs __________________ from the poultry __________________.


2. Complete the following with Positive    Comparative      Superlative

a. bad, __________________, __________________

b. __________________, fewer, __________________

c. modern __________________, __________________

d. __________________, most regular, __________________


3. Fill in the gaps. Use words from the patch faster, air pilot, hanger, air

A _____________ files an aeroplane. He has been trained in the act of flying aeroplanes.

A _____________ is a place when needed. People often board aeroplane at the _____________ and fly to any place at their choice.



Travelling by _____________ is always very interesting.

It is _____________ than other forms of travelling.


4. Make sentences with these words:

i. Cable

ii. doctor

iii. environmentalist

iv. Dribbled



COMPOSITION – Choose one out of the following:

a. Write about your best friend

b. Write about yourself.




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