Second Term Examination Physical and Health Education Primary 6 (Basic 6) PHE Exam Questions









SECTION A – Answer all the questions in this section. Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. Which of these is not true of hockey game?

[a] It is played between two teams

[b] It does not require any skill

[c] Each team is made up of eleven players


2. Who among these is not an official required any skill game of handball?

[a] a scorer

[b] A time keeper

[c] Striker


3. Sprains are injuries to the _________.

[a] future

[b] babies

[c] ligaments


4. _________ is the state of being well and free from illness, mental or physical condition.

[a] Insanity

[b] Mental disorder

[c] health


5. _________ is not a benefit of making good friends.

[a] Minimal cost

[b] Introduction to bad behaviour

[c] Improved standard of living


6. To have peace with other people , we need to do all these except _________.

[a] tolerate them

[b] understand them

[c] quarrel with them


7. The act of cleaning our surroundings especially our drainage and disposal of sewage is called _________.


8. _________ determines the sight level of oneself.

[a] Vision

[b] Strength

[c] Enamel


9. Refuse disposal are _________ waste materials.

[a] water

[b] solid

[c] liquid


10. All these are importance of waste disposal except _________.

[a] it prevents the spread of diseases

[b] protection of water

[c] it promotes environmental degradation


11. All these are methods of waste disposal except _________.

[a] burning

[b] burying

[c] littering


12. Hockey is a very old stick and _________ game

[a] net

[b] goal post

[c] ball


13. The play situation in hockey involves _________.

[a] pulley

[b] bully

[c] funny


14. Which of these is not a component of physical fitness?

[a] Agility

[b] Power

[c] Weakness


15. The following are skills in handball except _________.

[a] passing

[b] dribbling

[c] pushing



SECTION B – Attempt all the questions in this section. 

1a. F. I. B. A means _________


1b. State 3 equipment needed in hockey.

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________


2. Mention 3 skills in hockey

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________


3. Define First Aid.



b. Give 4 positioning of players on the court:

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________

IV. __________________


4. Mention 5 purpose of first Aid:

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________

IV. __________________

V. __________________


b. Give 6 importance of waste disposal

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________

IV. __________________

V. __________________

VI. __________________


5. Mention 4 importance of environmental health:

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________

IV. __________________

V. __________________


b. Social interaction is ____________________________________.


c. Oneself health is ____________________________________.



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